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the "white alone, non-Hispanic" population; 69% of population in 2000, 64% in 2010), and the nonwhite population included all other race-ethnicity minority groups combined (i.
South Wales Police performed even worse in terms of proportions, with 63 nonwhite police officers out of 2,908.
There are several supporting nonwhite characters appearing in the show, including Missandei (played by Nathalie Emmanuel), Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) and Nymeria Sand (Jessica Henwick).
Synopsis: Though a majority of nonwhite students (54%) in grades five to 12 in the U.
NONWHITE ORGAN TRANSPLANT recipients (OTRs) are more likely to present with inflammatory or infectious conditions after transplantation, while white transplant recipients more commonly present with malignant disease, new research suggests.
While 14 per cent of the UK's population is nonwhite, just eight per cent of the nearly 1,100 directors of FTSE-100 boards are from ethnic backgrounds.
NonWhite women candidates, however, may be especially likely to receive less coverage: past research, particularly Gershon (2012a, 2012b), suggests such candidacies may be doubly disadvantaged in the prominence of the coverage they receive.
players who are not free agents and not on the rookie salary scale) nonwhite players have lower salaries, compensation, and contract duration than white players.
Studies by the Writers Guild of America show that nonwhite writers have constituted no more than 13% of writers-room employment for several years (and in some years, the figure has been even lower).
This will again inevitably have a racial component, because the beneficiaries of such subsidies would more likely be nonwhite than white and, within nonwhites, would favor some ethnicities more than others.
Also, the well-known free nonwhite teacher Johannes Vrolijk, was able to study in the Netherlands.
Eliminating co-pays for preventive medications for post-heart attack patients can significantly improve adherence and health outcomes for nonwhite patients, a study by researchers at CVS, Aetna, and Brigham and Women's Hospital has found.