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 (nŏn-zîr′ō, -zē′rō)
Not equal to zero.


(Mathematics) not equal to zero


(nɒnˈzɪər oʊ)

not equal to zero.
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However, these studies merely consider the spatial sparsity of the observation, which don't exploit the structural characteristics of scatterers.It is the fact that the scatterers can be aggregated together as nonzero blocks [2], [7].
Specifically, our experiment varied whether students were offered a nonzero loan amount in their financial-aid award letters.
Meanwhile, tariffs on imports from NAFTA countries were lower than on imports from the rest of the countries, with just 1% of NAFTA import countries subject to nonzero tariffs.
In addition, the analysis of transient processes with a nonzero initial current in the charging circuit of the EDIs with several reservoir capacitors has not been carried out previously.
He describes astigmatism in the population; the history of vectorial analysis of astigmatism; the conflict between incisional and laser ablative approaches; the origins and basics of his method; use of the nonzero target; astigmatic indices; the flattening, steepening, and rotation of astigmatism; ocular residual astigmatism; cataract patients with astigmatism; analysis and management of refractive surprises after toric intraocular lens implantation; corneal topographic astigmatism; vector planning; corneal astigmatism; mixed astigmatism; clinical application of the Alpins Method for clinical studies; performing corneal and refractive vector analysis; software used with the method; corneal coupling; and other topics.
If X would be an m*n matrix, it can be written as X=US[V.sup.T], where "U" is an orthogonal n*n, "V" is an m*m orthogonal matrix and, and "S" is a n*m matrix such that its first r diagonal entries are nonzero singular values of [partial derivative]1, [partial derivative]2, [partial derivative]3, ..., [partial derivative]r and the rest of entries are all zero.
L'([z.sub.k]) is a sparse matrix with nonzero elements [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The generalized Bessel functions of integer order and nonzero degree (19a) are related by (19b),
The MPC-RCMV method proposed in [16] adopts only six nonzero voltage vectors (VVs) to calculate the cost function and the CMV amplitude is reduced without utilizing zero VVs.
has only real-valued and nonzero roots x = [z.sub.k], k = 1,..., p, and let
The goal of SRC and WSRC is to sparsely represent the test sample by the smallest number of nonzero coefficients in terms of the overcomplete dictionary and assign the test sample to the class with the minimum reconstitution error.