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 (nŏn-zîr′ō, -zē′rō)
Not equal to zero.


(Mathematics) not equal to zero


(nɒnˈzɪər oʊ)

not equal to zero.
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This essay is about how best to break with that restrictive tradition and engineer nonzero interest rates on paper currency when needed for economic stabilisation.
If we start with N electrons, the number of photons may increase and electron-positron pairs can appear but the net charge is the same in every space where nonzero amplitude exists.
The CGH signal was approximated by a piecewise function that has relatively sparse areas with nonzero values.
2 and 3, the description of the sorption equilibrium using the chosen equation and the fitted parameters (given in Table 2) is of good quality, and there is no significant difference between calculations assuming zero and nonzero crystallinity.
defines the nonzero element number of a vector and [zeta] is a threshold for controlling the representation error.
To facilitate our discussion, we focus on the nonzero pattern.
Under Section 203 of the Communications Act, BSPs would be required to tariff their termination service at a nonzero rate.
We estimated costs of 1,397 hospital stays with nonzero Medicare payment that occurred within 1 year of the date of hip fracture for all 795 individuals based on (1) DRG weights and standard base amounts using Equations 6 and 8 and (2) payment variables from the hospital claim using Equation 5.
Matsuyama: Submanifolds with nonzero mean curvature in a euclidean sphere, Int.
q]) occurs with nonzero multiplicity in exactly one basic character.
In [3], Ashraf and Rehman established that a prime ring R with a nonzero ideal I must be commutative, if R admits a nonzero derivation d satisfying d(xy) + xy [member of] Z(R) for all x,y [member of] I or d(xy) - xy [member of] Z(R) for all x,y [member of] I.