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 (nŏn-zîr′ō, -zē′rō)
Not equal to zero.


(Mathematics) not equal to zero


(nɒnˈzɪər oʊ)

not equal to zero.
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He describes astigmatism in the population; the history of vectorial analysis of astigmatism; the conflict between incisional and laser ablative approaches; the origins and basics of his method; use of the nonzero target; astigmatic indices; the flattening, steepening, and rotation of astigmatism; ocular residual astigmatism; cataract patients with astigmatism; analysis and management of refractive surprises after toric intraocular lens implantation; corneal topographic astigmatism; vector planning; corneal astigmatism; mixed astigmatism; clinical application of the Alpins Method for clinical studies; performing corneal and refractive vector analysis; software used with the method; corneal coupling; and other topics.
According to the release, the energy of the electronic mode fell to zero at nonzero momentum near the phase-transition temperature (190 Kelvin).
0] norm that counts the number of nonzero elements in a vector.
If S is a parabolic Inoue surface, it has a holomorphic and nonzero vector field Y.
Write 14 in base 2 with the digits -1, 0 and 1 such that there are fewer nonzero digits than in the standard binary expansion.
A normed linear space Y is said to be strictly convex, provided that for each a, b [member of] Y the equality [parallel]a + b[parallel] = [parallel]a[parallel] + [parallel]b[parallel] implies {a, b} is linearly dependent, or equivalently for nonzero elements a, b [member of] Y, the equality [parallel]a + b[parallel] = [parallel]a[parallel] + [parallel]b[parallel] implies that a = tb for some t > 0.
To launch a false information infusion attack without being caught, the assailant needs to discover a nonzero assault vector a=([varies]_1, [varies]_2,.
According to sparse representation, natural images can be represented by a linear combination of a series of overcomplete basis (known as a dictionary) with very few nonzero combinational coefficients.
Nonzero elements represent the class of the image, used to constrain the sparse solution X, making the sparse solution of the same class more consistent.
1](n), the filter weights are divided as nonzero (NZ) and zero (Z) filter coefficients such that NZ [union] Z = N and NZ [intersection] Z = [empty set] [10, 18, 21].
This essay is about how best to break with that restrictive tradition and engineer nonzero interest rates on paper currency when needed for economic stabilisation.
The results presented herein include two types of statistics taken from the 1981-2010 Daily Normals: probabilities of occurrence and medians of nonzero amounts.