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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Scandinavia or its peoples, languages, or cultures.
2. Of or relating to a human physical type exemplified by the tall, narrow-headed, light-skinned, blond-haired peoples of Scandinavia. Not in scientific use.
3. Sports
a. Of or relating to cross-country skiing: Nordic skis.
b. Of or relating to a competitive event featuring cross-country racing, ski jumping, and biathlon.
1. A native or inhabitant of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, or Finland.
2. A person of the Nordic physical type. Not in scientific use.

[French nordique, from nord, north, from Old French nort, from Old English north; see ner- in Indo-European roots.]


(Peoples) of, relating to, or belonging to a subdivision of the Caucasoid race typified by the tall blond blue-eyed long-headed inhabitants of N Britain, Scandinavia, N Germany, and the Netherlands
[C19: from French nordique, from nord north]


1. (Skiing) skiing of or relating to competitions in cross-country racing and ski-jumping. Compare alpine4
2. (Individual Sports, other than specified) (of recreational walking) incorporating the use of poles that resemble ski poles to aid movement


(ˈnɔr dɪk)

2. having or suggesting the physical features associated with the peoples of northern Europe, typically tall stature, blond hair, blue eyes, and elongated head.
3. (sometimes l.c.) of or pertaining to competitive skiing events involving ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Compare alpine (def. 5).
[1895–1900; < French nordique]
Nor•dic′i•ty (-ˈdɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Noun1.Nordic - the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and IcelandNordic - the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland
Germanic, Germanic language - a branch of the Indo-European family of languages; members that are spoken currently fall into two major groups: Scandinavian and West Germanic
Danish - a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Denmark
Icelandic - a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Iceland
Norwegian - a Scandinavian language that is spoken in Norway
Swedish - a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Sweden and one of two official languages of Finland
Faeroese, Faroese - a Scandinavian language (closely related to Icelandic) that is spoken on the Faroe Islands
Adj.1.Nordic - of or relating to or constituting the Scandinavian group of languages; "Nordic languages have a gender system"
2.Nordic - relating to Germany and Scandinavia; "Hitler wanted Nordic people to rule Europe"
3.nordic - resembling peoples of Scandinavia
blond, blonde, light-haired - being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes; "blond Scandinavians"; "a house full of light-haired children"


[ˈnɔːdɪk] ADJnórdico


adjnordisch; Nordic walking (Sport) → Nordic Walking nt


[ˈnɔːdɪk] adjnordico/a
nordic skiing → sci m nordico
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