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(ˈnɔr məl si)

the state of being normal.
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Noun1.normalcy - being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
averageness - the state of being that is average; indicates normality but with connotations of mediocrity
commonness, expectedness - the state of being that is commonly observed
typicality - the state of being that is typical
2.normalcy - expectedness as a consequence of being usual or regular or common
expectedness - ordinariness as a consequence of being expected and not surprising




[ˈnɔːməlsɪ] N (esp US) → normalidad f
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Speaking on the phone yesterday, Bungoma Health executive Antony Walela said the situation will remain the same until normalcy returns.
He said projects due immediately were designed to 'restore access, restart economic activities and reestablish normalcy in Marawi City and adjacent towns.
COAS said that efforts will continue to maintain normalcy in Karachi and the province,' the ISPR said.
In May last year,Gen Qamar reiterated that effortswould continue till restoration of complete normalcy in Karachi and the rest of Sindh.
16 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir government on Monday signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bring normalcy in the state through education reforms.
Briones as she stressed the significance of regaining normalcy in education in Biliran after Urduja hit
Mr Ughamadu, who said the NNPC refineries have hit up their productions so as to ensure availability of the product before, during and after festive period, added that security operatives were cooperating with the corporation to monitor and bring normalcy to the sector.
MANILA, Philippines President Duterte yesterday assured local executives in storm-hit areas of assistance as he ordered agencies to restore normalcy in affected provinces at the soonest time.
JRL leaders said a fascist government in power, inspired by Joseph Gobbles' malicious propaganda techniques or Harold Lasswell's 'magic bullet theory' by trying to paint the brutal pacification of Kashmir as peace and return of normalcy.
IANS New Delhi Any policy tweak on Kashmir is to ensure normalcy in the state, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Wednesday in response to a query about the Centre advocating withdrawal of cases against first-time stone-pelters in the Valley.
Global Banking News-November 14, 2017--Lebanese central bank says market is returning to normalcy
BJP general- secretary and party incharge of the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir, Ram Madhav told India Today TV in an exclusive interview that the establishment was gunning to bring back normalcy in the Valley before the Eid festival.