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v. nor·mal·ized, nor·mal·iz·ing, nor·mal·iz·es
v. tr.
1. To make normal, especially to cause to conform to a standard or norm: normalize a patient's temperature; normalizing relations with a former enemy nation.
2. To cause (something previously regarded as anomalous) to be accepted as normal, thereby altering the accepted norm: "The increased visibility of Iraq War amputees has helped normalize the use of prostheses" (Bruce Barcott).
3. To make (a text or language) regular and consistent, especially with respect to spelling or style.
4. To remove strains and reduce coarse crystalline structures in (metal), especially by heating and cooling.
v. intr.
To become or return to normal: waiting for diplomatic relations to normalize.

nor′mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
nor′mal·iz′er n.
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(ˈnɔːməˌlaɪzə) or


someone who or that which normalizes
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Noun1.normalizer - a person who normalizes
changer, modifier - a person who changes something; "an inveterate changer of the menu"
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Raw data was normalized by subtracting the Ct value of normalizer mir-16 from the test prior to analysis.
The relevant expression of the target genes was calculated using glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase as a normalizer.
If H [??] G is a closed subgroup, then NH denotes the normalizer of H in G and WH = NH/H the Weil group of H.
It is classified as an herbal stimulant and is an anticoagulant and a circulation normalizer. It can calm angina by the count of 10.
Here, e is the polarization vector of the vector quarkonia and Nv is the BS normalizer of the initial state quarkonia.
Data are calculated using the [2.sup.- [DELTA][DELTA]Ct] method and GAPDH transcript as normalizer (Qiagen-GeneGlobe program).
This agent would be actually software in the real world, and this approach simulates this with software agents called "priority normalizer agents" (also referred to as "priority agents").
The expression of Polr2g gene was used as normalizer. The bars represent normalized mRNA expression with values of untreated samples set as 1.
In case a normalizer is proven, miRs are likely to be understood by physicians to support patient care.
Standard curves for both normalizer gene (houskeeping gene) and target gene of interest were made using the same sample to determine an acceptable range of deviation.