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An erythroblast, especially one that is developing normally, in contrast with an abnormal megaloblast.

[German Normoblast : norm(al), normal (from Late Latin normālis; see normal) + -blast, -blast (from Greek blastos, bud, germ).]

nor′·mo·blas′tic (-blăs′tĭk) adj.


n. normoblasto, célula roja precursora de los eritrocitos en los humanos.
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* The marrow of majority of the patients showed normoblastic maturation (43%), 35% had megaloblastic maturation and 21% showed erythroid suppression.
Erythropoiesis was normoblastic in 29 (50.8%) patients, depressed in 20 (35.0%) patients and normoblastic with mild megaloblastic changes in 4 (7.0%) patients.
Bone marrow aspirate and trephine biopsy revealed normal cellularity and normoblastic erythropoiesis and there were no extramedullary cells.
Mild megaloblastic changes in 35% cases while it was dimorphic in 11% cases and normoblastic in 5% cases.