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, normokaliemia
n. normopotasemia, nivel normal de potasio en la sangre.
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Spironolactone is a preferable drug in the postoperative period for maintaining normokalemia. The goal of the therapy will be to normalize serum potassium levels and treatment of the underlying disease.
The patient reported by Athanasoulia et al (8) had mild diastolic hypertension and normokalemia. On the other hand, the four siblings reported by Deeb and the case reported by Brooke et al (7) had notable hypertension and hypokalemia (9).
In a long-term safety and efficacy study, ZS-9 lowered serum potassium, maintained normokalemia, and was well tolerated for about 52 weeks.
Hawkins (15) studied the hemolysis frequency in whole blood gas analysis in his clinical laboratory and found that hemolysis was more than 5 times higher in whole blood used for blood gases compared with serum and that 42% of potassium results in these specimens were downgraded from normokalemic to hypokalemic or from hyperkalemic to normokalemia or hypokalemic.
Serum sodium raised to 143 meq/L with normokalemia and improved acidosis.
Screening for PA is generally recommended in subjects with drug-resistant hypertension or stage 2 hypertension [3] according to JNC 7 [4], despite hypokalemia or normokalemia, because of a high frequency (~21%) of PA in stage 2 essential hypertension [5].
Traditionally, HA has been clinically associated with hypertension and hypokalemia, however, normokalemia occurs in up to 50% of patients with HA.[sup.9] Thus, hypokalemia should not be used for the purpose of screening.
Algunos pacientes atipicos tienen hiponatremia con normokalemia o hiperkalemia con normonatremia (Deborah y Greco 2007).