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A condition of normal body temperature.

[Latin norma, norm; see norm + therm(o)- + -ia.]

nor′mo·ther′mic adj.


(Medicine) of or pertaining to normothermia; having a normal body temperature
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Dispozitiv hypothermic perfusion / oxygenation pulsatile normothermic liver;
Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain, 'Evaluation of the feasibility of normothermic regional perfusion followed by ex-vivo normothermic machine perfusion in Type II DCD (Donation after Cardiac Death) Liver Transplants'
Patients were scheduled for normothermic CABG surgery: the first one with one arterial and three venous grafts and the other one with one arterial and two venous grafts.
On the basis of preservation techniques, the market has been segmented into three categories namely hypothermic perfusion preservation (HPP), static cold storage (SCS) and others (that include normothermic preservation and oxygen insufflation techniques).
Regarding the first question, namely who should be warmed, the literature clearly demonstrates that most adult patients and all children require temperature maintenance at normothermic levels to optimise outcome.
This may lead to heat injury patients presenting persistently hyperthermic, normothermic, and even hypothermic if excessively cooled prior to arrival at the treatment facility.
Splanchnic oxygen transport, hepatic function and gastrointestinal barrier after normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass.
In a study on dehydrated normothermic horses it was shown that they preferred water at 20[degrees]C (near ambient temperature) more than 10[degrees]C and 30[degrees]C (Butudom et al.
Rat liver injury after normothermic ischemia is prevented by a phosphinic matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor.
Twenty-three of the lungs were selected to undergo the new technique, which is known technically as normothermic ex vivo lung perfusion.