north celestial pole

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Noun1.north celestial pole - the celestial pole above the northern hemisphere; near Polaris
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Caption: Drafted by Robert Burnham, Jr., for his classic Celestial Handbook, this chart of the north celestial pole's precessional drift among the stars of the Little Dipper has served amateur astronomy for nearly half a century.
The north celestial pole is very close to Polaris, the North Star.
As is clear from the figure, the fields are embedded in the wall of a prominent HI feature known as the North Celestial Pole Loop (after Heiles [30]).
The earliest references to a polar asterism generally use the term dou [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "ladle/dipper" or chen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as here, rather than beiji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "northern culmen." In contrast to ji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which clearly refers to the apex of the heavens, specifically the north celestial pole, bei chen usually refers to bei dou [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the northern dipper, the asterism of primary importance closest to the pole (see n.
The gnomon points to the north celestial pole and its shadow falls on markers placed on the plinth around the sundial that indicate Central Daylight Time.
IT appears to be stationary because it is only a half a degree from the North Celestial Pole. This is the point in the night sky where the projection of the Earth's axis lies.
While going around the north celestial pole, some of TESS's observations will come full circle, following up on the region of Kepler's first four years of data collection.
Polaris is an average looking star which just happened to appear close in the sky to the north celestial pole.

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