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Noun1.north northwest - the compass point that is midway between north and northwest
compass point, point - any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass; "he checked the point on his compass"
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Liwayway was last seen some 400 kilometers east northeast of Baler, Aurora, heading north northwest at 30 kilometers per hour (kph).
Meanwhile, Tropical Storm 'Liwayway' was spotted 320 kilometers east-northeast of Casiguran town in Aurora with maximum sustained winds of 65 kilometers per hour (kph) and a gustiness reaching up to 80 kph as it moved north northwest at a speed of 30 kph.
weather advisory, the eye of "Ineng" was located at 140 kilometers north northwest of Basco Batanes.
The quake struck 151 km (94 miles) north northwest of Santo on Vanuatu and was 35 km deep, the U.S.
By Monday until Tuesday, the typhoon is expected to move closer towards the eastern section of Luzon and of Visayas, bringing light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms as it is expected to move north northwest then recurve to the north northeast.
The quake hit 81 miles north northwest of Moyobamba and 480 miles north of Lima.
Ineng was last spotted at 275 kilometers north northwest of Basco, Batanes, moving west-northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.
Another tropical storm "Krosa" was spotted at 2,130 km east of extreme northern Luzon with maximum winds at 75 kph near the center with gusts 90 kph moving north northwest at 15 kph.
local time (1052 GMT) at a depth of 4.5 miles, centered 51 miles north northeast of Huehuetenago, and 106 miles north northwest of Guatemala City.
weather bulletin, the eye of Severe Tropical Storm Ineng was situated at 275 kilometes north northwest of Basco, Batanes.
Inday's continued to move north northwest but slightly decreased its speed from 19 kph on Wednesday afternoon to 17 kph on Thursday morning.
"Ineng," which packs maximum sustained winds of 100 kilometers per hourand gusts of up to 125 kph, was spotted 275 km north northwest of Basco, Batanes at 4 p.

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