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Adj.1.north-central - being in or of a region of the United States generally including states of the upper Mississippi valley and Great Lakes region lying north of the Ohio River and the southern boundaries of Kansas and Missouri and between the western boundary of Pennsylvania and the eastern boundaries of Montana and Wyoming and Colorado
northern - situated in or coming from regions of the north; "the northern hemisphere"; "northern autumn colors"
2.north-central - situated in the northern part of a centrally located area in some geographical region; "the north-central part of Russia"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
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He found that in parts of north-central Alaska, the lakes point almost parallel to the prevailing winds, not perpendicular to them--a strike against wind-spawned currents as the major cause of lake growth.
In both studies, subjects from southern regions had a higher HAV prevalence than those from north-central regions.

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