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Going toward the north.
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going or leading towards the north
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proceeding or headed north.
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Adj.1.northbound - moving toward the north; "the northbound lane"; "we took the north train"; "the northward flow of traffic"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
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مُتَّجِهٌ شِمَالاًمُتَّجِه شَمالا
směřující na severvedoucí na sever
pohjoiseen menevä
koji vodi na sjever
észak felé tartóészaki irányú
á norîurleiî
북쪽으로 가는
vedúci na sever
kuzeye doğrukuzeye giden
về phía bắc


[ˈnɔːθbaʊnd] ADJ [traffic] → en dirección norte; [carriageway] → de dirección norte, en dirección norte
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[ˈnɔːrθbaʊnd] adj
[traffic] → en direction du nord, vers le nord; [train] → en direction du nord
Northbound traffic is moving very slowly → La circulation vers le nord avance très lentement., La circulation en direction du nord avance très lentement.
to be northbound [vehicle] → aller vers le nord, aller en direction du nord
The truck was northbound on the M5 → Le camion allait vers le nord sur la M5., Le camion allait en direction du nord sur la M5.
[carriageway] → nord invNorth Carolina [ˌnɔːrθkærəˈlaɪnə] nCaroline f du Nordnorth-east [ˈnɔːrθˈiːst]
nnord-est m
She's from the north-east → Elle vient du nord-est.
adjnord-est inv
north-east London → le nord-est de Londres
advvers le nord-estnorth-easterly northeasterly [ˌnɔːrθˈiːstərli] adj [wind, direction] → du nord-est; [point] → au nord-estnorth-eastern north eastern [ˈnɔːrθˈiːstərn] adj [coast, part] → nord-est inv; [Europe] → du nord-est
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[ˈnɔːθˌbaʊnd] adj (traffic) → diretto/a a nord; (carriageway) → nord inv
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(noːθ) noun
1. the direction to the left of a person facing the rising sun, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. He faced towards the north; The wind is blowing from the north; I used to live in the north of England.
2. (also N) one of the four main points of the compass.
1. in the north. on the north bank of the river.
2. from the direction of the north. a north wind.
towards the north. The stream flows north.
ˈnortherly (-ðə-) adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the north. a northerly breeze.
2. looking, lying etc towards the north. in a northerly direction.
ˈnorthern (-ðən) adjective
of the north or the North.
ˈnortherner (-ðə-) noun
a person who lives, or was born, in a northern region or country.
ˈnorthernmost (-ðən-) adjective
being furthest north. the northernmost point of the coast.
ˈnorthward adjective
towards the north. in a northward direction.
ˈnorthward(s) adverb
towards the north. They were travelling northwards.
ˈnorthbound adjective
travelling northwards. the northbound railway-line.
ˌnorth-ˈeast / ˌnorth-ˈwest nouns, adjective
(in or from) the direction midway between north and east or north and west, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. the north-east counties; a north-west wind.
towards the north-east or north-west. The building faces north-west.
ˌnorth-ˈeasterly / ˌnorth-ˈwesterly adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the north-east or north-west. a north-easterly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the north-east or north-west. a north-westerly direction.
ˌnorth-ˈeastern / ˌnorth-ˈwestern adjective
of the north-east or north-west.
the North Pole
the northern end of the imaginary line through the earth, round which it turns.
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مُتَّجِهٌ شِمَالاً směřující na sever nordgående nach Norden führend βορεινός en dirección norte pohjoiseen menevä en direction du nord koji vodi na sjever verso nord 北行きの 북쪽으로 가는 in noordelijke richting nordgående skierowany na północ em direção norte, em direcção ao norte идущий на север nordgående ซึ่งไปทางเหนือ kuzeye doğru về phía bắc 北行的
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The following slip roads will also be closed: the southbound entry slip road at Kingsway Interchange (Team Valley) - 24 hours a day; the northbound entry slip road at Eighton Lodge Interchange (Angel) - 24 hours a day; the northbound exit slip road at Kingsway Interchange (Team Valley) - night time only.
In Springfield, westbound drivers on Beltline who want to go north on I-5 will have to cross over the freeway and head to the Coburg Road exit in Eugene, where they will turn left and re-enter Beltline going east to reach the eastbound onramp to northbound I-5.
Currently there are two lanes open northbound, while southbound traffic runs in contraflow in the outside northbound lane and the southbound hard shoulder.
"The Balagtas Northbound Entry, which started construction early this year, is part of the government's road network improvement plan aimed at easing traffic congestion and bringing more investment in Central Luzon," DPWH Secretary Mark Villar said.
Villar said the Balagtas Northbound Entry is part of the 'Build, Build, Build' project of the Duterte administration.
On Monday there will be closures of the M80 northbound from Junction 3 Hornshill to the M80/M73 merge and the M80 northbound on-slip Junction 3 Hornshill.
TPLEx Northbound: April 17 (Wednesday) to April 19 (Friday) in Tarlac Central Toll Plaza, Urdaneta Toll Plaza, Pozorrubio-MacArthur T-intersection, Binalonan Toll Plaza, and Pozorrubio Toll Plaza.
"A six-lane Quirino Bridge II can now be used by motorists going in and out of southern part of Manila with the completion of three southbound lanes last October and now the three northbound lanes," said Villar.
This Off Broadway phase will be a nearly 2-mile work zone on northbound and southbound I-235 between N.
Castillo Street - the Northbound Lane going towards Lanang from Go Green Gas Station to the intersection of J.P.
Southbound McArthur Highway corner Calle Cuatro, Caloocan City Northbound Mindanao Avenue from P.

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