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 (nôrth-ēst′, nôr-ēst′)
1. Abbr. NE The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due north and due east, or 45° east of due north.
2. An area or region lying in the northeast.
3. Northeast A region of the northeast United States, generally including the New England states, New York, and sometimes Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
1. To, toward, of, facing, or in the northeast.
2. Originating in or coming from the northeast: a northeast wind.
In, from, or toward the northeast.

north·east′ern adj.
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(ˌnɔːθˈiːst; ˌnɔːrˈiːst)
1. (Physical Geography) the point of the compass or direction midway between north and east, 45° clockwise from north
2. (Physical Geography) the northeast (often capital) any area lying in or towards this direction
3. (Physical Geography) (sometimes capital) of or denoting the northeastern part of a specified country, area, etc: northeast Lincolnshire.
4. situated in, proceeding towards, or facing the northeast
5. (Physical Geography) (esp of the wind) from the northeast
(Physical Geography) in, to, towards, or (esp of the wind) from the northeast
Symbol: NE
ˌnorthˈeasternmost adj


(Placename) the Northeast the northeastern part of England, esp Northumberland, Durham, and the Tyneside area
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(ˌnɔrθˈist; Naut. ˌnɔr-)

1. a point on the compass midway between north and east. Abbr.: NE
2. a region in this direction.
3. the Northeast, the northeastern part of the United States.
4. in, toward, or facing the northeast: a northeast course.
5. coming from the northeast: a northeast wind.
6. toward the northeast: sailing northeast.
7. from the northeast.
[before 950; Middle English north-est, Old English north-ēast]
north`east′ern, adj.
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Noun1.northeast - the compass point midway between north and eastnortheast - the compass point midway between north and east; at 45 degrees
compass point, point - any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass; "he checked the point on his compass"
2.northeast - the northeastern region of the United StatesNortheast - the northeastern region of the United States
eastern United States, East - the region of the United States lying to the north of the Ohio River and to the east of the Mississippi River
3.northeast - the direction corresponding to the northeastward compass point
direction - the spatial relation between something and the course along which it points or moves; "he checked the direction and velocity of the wind"
4.northeast - a location in the northeastern part of a country, region, or city
location - a point or extent in space
Adj.1.northeast - situated in or oriented toward the northeast; "the northeasterly part of the island"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
2.northeast - coming from the northeast; "northeasterly winds"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
Adv.1.northeast - to, toward, or in the northeast
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đông bắc


A. Nnor(d)este m
B. ADJ [point, direction] → nor(d)este; [wind] → del nor(d)este
C. ADV (= northeastward) → hacia el nor(d)este; [situated] → al nor(d)este, en el nor(d)este
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1. nnordest m
2. adjdi nordest
3. advverso nordest
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شِمَالٌ شَرْقِيّ severovýchod nordøst Nordosten βορειοανατολικά noreste koillinen nord-est sjeveroistok nord-est 北東 북동쪽 noordoosten nordøst północny wschód nordeste северо-восток nordost ทิศตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ kuzeydoğu đông bắc 东北
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The horde feared the northeast. It lived in perpetual apprehension of that quarter of the compass.
The bluff-side swarmed with the Folk, all gazing and pointing into the northeast. I did not know what it was, but I scrambled all the way up to the safety of my own high little cave before ever I turned around to see.
Following the "Pearl-diving," he wrote an article on the sea as a career, another on turtle-catching, and a third on the northeast trades.
The sky became clouded, but the air was pure, although chilled by the northeast breeze that was then rising.
If you will travel northeast you will come again to Puerto Cortes in due season.
Anne went to bed that night speechless with misery because Matthew had said the wind was round northeast and he feared it would be a rainy day tomorrow.
Caught by a gentle current of air the flier was drifting slowly toward the northeast across the valley of Bantoom.
Late in the afternoon we saw many canoes coming from Nihi, which is the village near the Nihi Passage in the northeast. They were all that were left, and like us their village had been burned by a second schooner that had come through Nihi Passage.
Often we passed small posts similar to that at which the colonel's regiment had been quartered, finding in each instance that only a single company or troop remained for defence, the balance having been withdrawn toward the northeast, in the same direction in which we were moving.
Instead of circling back around the city to the northwest and toward the nearest waterway which lay so short a distance from us, we turned to the northeast and struck out upon the mossy waste across which, for two hundred dangerous and weary miles, lay another main artery leading to Helium.
William Sublette, the enterprising leader of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, had, two or three years previously, reached the valley of the Wind River, which lies on the northeast of the mountains; but had proceeded with them no further.
Hunt should ascend along the northeast side of the river, and the three smaller boats along the south side.

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