(ˌnɔrθˈi stər nər)

(often cap.) a native or inhabitant of the northeast, esp.
the northeastern U.S.
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Talking to reporters, General Kapoor said the Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army, comprising mostly of Nepalese and India's northeasterner citizens as the bravest of all, and described their combative skills as unique.
On Broadway in "Act One," he actually played three characters -- one with a Cockney accent, one with just a hint of a British accent and one who was an urbane Northeasterner.
Former Sunderland midfielder Leadbitter, 30, is a proud Northeasterner and is well aware of the problems that the region, especially Teesside, has had to endure over recent years, particularly with regard to job losses in the steel industry.
The NorthEasterner earned that nickname long before joining Town from Southampton in 1974.
The pacy Connor Bell has been Rhyl's most exciting prospect going forward, but the young northeasterner cannot do it all on his own.
While he was in Phoenix, he witnessed a massive building boom that was alien to a native northeasterner.
Next best Graeme Storm 60-1 Storm's lone tour victory came at Le National but there are more on the horizon for the follically-challenged northeasterner who has pieced together seven top-20s this year after ditching the stackand-tilt swing method which made life tough for him in the middle of last season.
Anyone familiar with Brazilian cinema will recognize in Central Station's opening shots of poor Northeasterner migrants an indirect homage to Cinema Novo filmmakers such as Nelson Pereira dos Santos, whose classic Vidas Secas (Barren Lives) (1963) follows a Northeastern peasant family's migration toward the city.
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