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 (nôrth-ēst′wərd, nôr-ēst′-)
adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in the northeast.
A northeastward direction, point, or region.

north·east′ward·ly adv. & adj.
north·east′wards adv.


(ˌnɔːθˈiːstwədz; ˌnɔːrˈiːstwədz) or


(Physical Geography) to the northeast
References in classic literature ?
This time running blindly, I went northeastward in a direction at right angles to my previous expedition.
But the foresight of the doctor was not long in bringing its reward; for, after having tried different heights, the Victoria at length began to sail off to the northeastward with medium speed.
Presently he came upon a stile, and, crossing it, followed a footpath northeastward.
The warning said: "Storm Eleanor is expected to track northeastwards across the northern half of the UK, bringing very strong winds to Northern Ireland later today.
The chief forecaster's assessment for the UK said: "An area of low pressure is expected to develop in the east Atlantic then on Saturday night then track northeastwards close to Northern Ireland and into Scotland on New Year's Eve.
A Met Office spokesman said: "Icy patches are expected to form for a time on Friday morning as a band of rain, sleet and snow pushes northeastwards.
A shallow westerly wave is still affecting upper parts of the country and likely to move northeastwards during next 24 hours,".
Persistent rain is set to develop over the west and showers will extend northeastwards, along with some heavy and thundery bursts.
Low pressure area lies over North Balochistan and its adjoining areas with its trough extending northeastwards.
The chief forecaster's assessment for today said: "An area of low pressure is expected to rapidly deepen to the south west of the UK later on Sunday and then run northeastwards across England and Wales on Monday accompanied by some very strong winds, large coastal waves and heavy rain.
It says: "Following a brief respite on Saturday night, a further frontal system will bring more rain to these same areas through Sunday morning before clearing away northeastwards during Sunday afternoon.
According to synoptic conditions, seasonal low lies over Baluchistan with its trough extending northeastwards.

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