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Noun1.northern Europe - the northernmost countries of Europenorthern Europe - the northernmost countries of Europe
Europe - the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe' to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles
أوروبا الشمالية
Europa del Nord
severní Evropa
Europa del Norte
Europe du Nord
צפון אירופה
Sjeverna Europa
Europa settentrionale
Europa Północna
Europa setentrional
Europa de Nord
Severná Európa
Severna Evropa
Северна Европа
Ulaya ya Kazkazini
شمالی یورپ
Bắc Âu
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The number, tameness, and disgusting habits of the carrion-feeding hawks of South America make them pre-eminently striking to any one accustomed only to the birds of Northern Europe.
The first time that he had been surprised there he apologized gruffly, explaining that he had always been fond of the good old blooms of northern Europe which My Dear had so successfully transplanted in African soil.
Global Banking News-June 16, 2017--Citi Private Bank hires leader for Northern Europe Team
The volcano Eyjafjallajokull became famous after April 2010, when it erupted over several months, blanketing northern Europe in vast ash clouds.
The Atlantic Council announced today plans to strengthen its presence in Northern Europe by appointing Anna Wieslander as director for the region, to be based in Stockholm.
The post Spectrami expands operations to Northern Europe appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
Historians of art and religion and other scholars explore aspects of the devotional world of late medieval northern Europe, with a special emphasis on how people interacted with texts, images, artefacts, and other instruments of piety.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 17, 2015-Intrum Justitia acquires debt portfolios in Northern Europe for SEK670m
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 17, 2015-Intrum Justitia acquires debt portfolios in Northern Europe for SEK670m
Cargo from Asia to Northern Europe dropped significantly at the end of 2013, suggesting that the peak season in the third quarter was built on false hopes, according to Drewry's Container Insight Weekly.
This volume, Part D, of the Backpack edition begins with chapter 14 and page 400, and covers late Medieval Italy, late Medieval and early Renaissance northern Europe, Quattrocento Italy, mannerism in Cinquecento Italy, high Renaissance and mannerism in northern Europe and Spain, the Baroque in Italy and Spain, and the Baroque in northern Europe.
Heavy snow has been disrupting travel in northern Europe.

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