northern bog lemming

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Noun1.northern bog lemming - of wet alpine and subalpine meadows of Canada and Alaska
lemming - any of various short-tailed furry-footed rodents of circumpolar distribution
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In Churchill, Manitoba, Lang and others (1991) reported that nestling Northern Hawk Owls were fed Red-backed Voles, a Heather Vole (Phenacomys intermedins), and a Northern Bog Lemming (Synaptomys borealis).
The following efforts were for 6 d unless abbreviated due to disturbance by carnivores: monitored (M) sites in VNP (Table 2), and sites inventoried for eastern heather vole (Phenacomys ungava) and northern bog lemming (Synaptomys borealis) (see below).
There are other possible environmental issues, such as impacts on Bicknell's thrush and the northern bog lemming, as well as the project's location in a relatively undeveloped forestland area.

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