northern flying squirrel

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Noun1.northern flying squirrel - large flying squirrel; chiefly of Canada
American flying squirrel - New World flying squirrels
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* FOCAL WILDLIFE SPECIES: West Virginia northern flying squirrel and Cheat Mountain salamander
1988: Home range, habitat utilization and activity of the endangered northern flying squirrel. MS Thesis, West Virginia University, Morgantown.
Edwards, "Habitat characteristics of the endangered Virginia northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) in the central Appalachian Mountains," The American Midland Naturalist, vol.
As a result of the loss of this habitat, the West Virginia northern flying squirrel and the Cheat Mountain salamander gained Endangered Species Act protection in the late 1980s.
Survey for zoonotic rickettsial pathogens in northern flying squirrels, Glaucomys sabrinus, in California.
Finally, we restricted the state-wide Gap model so that it only considered the accepted potential range of the northern flying squirrel. Potential range was recently updated from the original PA Gap model to exclude the area around Erie and Presque Isle, Pennsylvania.
In the Pacific Northwest, northern flying squirrels account for at least half of a spotted owl's diet.
The new guidelines will provide better Management for the northern flying squirrel in West Virginia and expedite its recovery.
In March, the Viginia northern flying squirrel was deemed recovered and delisted 6 with somewhat less controversy than the storm brewing over the wolf.
Northern flying squirrel diet primarily consists of mycorrhizal fungus fruiting bodies, truffles, (North et al., 1997; Carey et al., 1999; Ransome and Sullivan, 1997, 9004; Weigl, 2007), but they also consume lichens, buds, berries, staminate cones and animal material (Weigl, 2007).
The Service also proposed this year to delist two other species due to recovery: the West Virginia northern flying squirrel and the Northern Rocky Mountain DPS of the gray wolf.

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