northern oriole

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northern oriole

A name formerly used for a species of American songbird that has been reclassified as two species, the Baltimore oriole and the Bullock's oriole.

north′ern o′riole

a North American oriole, Icterus galbula, with distinctive eastern and western subspecies that interbreed in the Great Plains region. Compare Baltimore oriole, Bullock's oriole.
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Noun1.northern oriole - a kind of New World oriolenorthern oriole - a kind of New World oriole    
American oriole, New World oriole, oriole - American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
genus Icterus, Icterus - type genus of the Icteridae
Baltimore bird, Baltimore oriole, hangbird, Icterus galbula galbula, firebird - eastern subspecies of northern oriole
Bullock's oriole, Icterus galbula bullockii - western subspecies of northern oriole
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Of special note is the addition to this highly recommended picturebook for children a very special educational section, 'For Creative Minds', that provides children with fun facts about birds, 'bird math', bird injuries, and a 'Match the Nest' activity with nest information for Magpies, Killdeer, Robins, Screech-Owls, Starlings, Brewer's Blackbird; the Common Grackle, Meadowlarks, Whip-poor-wills, Mourning Doves, and the Northern Oriole.
This identification guide, one of a beautifully produced series from Helm - shows them as widely varied, from all-black like some of the grackles, to the vivid yellow and orange orioles (including the Baltimore or northern oriole which sometimes turns up in Britain).

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