northern red oak

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Noun1.northern red oak - large symmetrical deciduous tree with rounded crown widely distributed in eastern North Americanorthern red oak - large symmetrical deciduous tree with rounded crown widely distributed in eastern North America; has large leaves with triangular spiny tipped lobes and coarse-grained wood less durable than that of white oaks
red oak - any of numerous American oaks having 4 stamens in each floret, acorns requiring two years to mature and leaf veins usually extending beyond the leaf margin to form points or bristles
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Updated Quality Indexes for northern red oak and white oak were created by simulating green lumber board foot yields from a range of logs, which varied by diameter, length, and scaling defect.
Tenders are invited for All timber marked or designated for cutting located within Compartments 53-54, Santeetlah, Cheoah Ranger District, Nantahala National Forest, Graham County, North Carolina, estimated to be 433 CCF of Maple, Birch, Hickory, and Basswood Sawtimber, 1030 CCF of Cherry, White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Northern Red Oak, and Black Oak Sawtimber, 904 CCF of Ash, and Yellow Poplar Sawtimber, 896 CCF of Eastern White Pine Sawtimber, 632 CCF of Hardwood Pulpwood, and 34 CCF of Softwood Pulpwood marked or otherwise designated for cutting.
Selective browsing by overabundant deer reduces species richness and overall abundance of tree seedlings (Rooney and Waller, 2003; Collard et al, 2010; Tanentzap et al, 2011), as well as abundance and growth of individual species such as sugar maple and northern red oak (Quercus rubra; Tilghman, 1989; Waller and Maas, 2013).
A total of 2,000 lb of seed mixture was sown and thereafter, 10,000 tree species were planted including White Pine, Loblolly Pine, Northern Red Oak, Pin Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Green Ash, Button Bush, Indigo Bush and Redbud.
The first visible sign of this process is often vertical cracks in otherwise smooth bark, a feature I noticed long ago on northern red oak I designate this as my fourth bark type.
By contrast, acorns from the red oak (RO) subsection (including northern red oak, Quercus rubra) have high fat, high tannins, and germinate in the spring following fall maturation.
Short title: Wood discolouration in northern red oak trees subject to artificial pruning
Overall, the red oak group (Quercus: Section Lobatae), and primarily northern red oak Q.
Consistently high preference ratings were observed for oaks (Quercus) generally and northern red oak (Q.
He compared the American chestnut directly against black walnut and northern red oak at several different ages, and also cross-referenced his results to other studies using quaking aspen, red pine and white pine in the same region.
Species: Northern red oak, hard white maple, yellow birch, others on request
The book is about a magnificent Northern Red Oak, a 400-year-old giant that had been a landmark at the King family's home in Southborough.

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