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 (wēt′îr′, hwēt′-)
Any of several flycatchers of the genus Oenanthe primarily of Eurasia and Africa, having a gray back, buff breast, and white rump.

[Back-formation from earlier wheatears (taken as pl.) : probably by folk etymology from white + arse.]


(Animals) any small northern songbird of the genus Oenanthe, esp O. oenanthe, a species having a pale grey back, black wings and tail, white rump, and pale brown underparts: subfamily Turdinae (thrushes)
[C16: back formation from wheatears (wrongly taken as plural), probably from white + arse; compare Dutch witstaart, French culblanc white tail]


(ˈʰwitˌɪər, ˈwit-)

any of several small thrushes of the genus Oenanthe, having a distinctive white rump, esp. O. oenanthe, of Eurasia and N North America.
[1585–95; probably back formation from wheatears, for *whiteers white rump. See white, arse]
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Noun1.wheatear - small songbird of northern America and Eurasia having a distinctive white rumpwheatear - small songbird of northern America and Eurasia having a distinctive white rump
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast


[ˈwiːtɪəʳ] N (Orn) → collalba f


[ˈwiːtˌɪəʳ] n (Zool) → culbianco
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Here we document the first cases of two broods being raised or attempted, after successful fledging of a first brood, in an Arctic-breeding population of Northern Wheatears Oenanthe oenanthe, at Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, in 2010 and 2011.
Northern Wheatears, which nest in the Welsh hills, migrate to Africa in winter, so November records are worth a close check, as Desert Wheatear, a vagrant from central Asia, is a possibility.
There have been reports of late swallows, reports of late swifts, late northern wheatears.

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