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 (nôr′thĭng, -thĭng)
1. The northerly component of the distance traveled between two positions.
2. Progress toward the north.


(ˈnɔːθɪŋ; -ðɪŋ)
1. (Navigation) nautical movement or distance covered in a northerly direction, esp as expressed in the resulting difference in latitude
2. (Astronomy) astronomy a north or positive declination
3. (Physical Geography) cartography
a. the distance northwards of a point from a given parallel indicated by the second half of a map grid reference
b. a latitudinal grid line. Compare easting2


(ˈnɔr θɪŋ, -ðɪŋ)

1. northward movement or deviation; northerly direction.
2. distance due north made on any course tending northward.


Northward, that is, from bottom to top, reading of grid values on a map.


(Astron) → nördliche Deklination (eines Planeten)
(= Naut)Weg mor Distanz fnach Norden
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Their contention is that he is only first among equals, northing more or nothing less.
M and A Northing, construction of single-storey side and two-storey front extensions, 4, Greenside Mount, Mirfield.
Sanctions were not discussed at my meeting with President Putin, Northing will be done until the Ukrainian and Syrian problems are solved," Trump stressed.
So I sent it off to U105, half expecting to hear northing back.
After coming up with the idea of starting an international event in Llangollen, he won the crucial support for his brainchild from local teacher George Northing, the first chairman of the Eisteddfod, and from others including W S Gwynn Williams, a leading figure in Welsh music who lived in the town.
We must work together, it needs a multiagency response to ensure that northing slips through the net.
to be I: 1000 or suitable scale and plotting on Autocad and shall consist of contour plan showing all existing physical features with assumed Northing, Easting as required.
P-281: (Easting 0428892, Northing 4894500) Light grey, hypidiomorphic-granular, medium to coarse grained, biotite (<5%) nepheline syenite.
Geographic position covariates were calculated using the centroid of each county and calculating the northing, easting, and north-westing in meters from an Albers projection.
Northing to do with keeping the population down, but a sport for people to hunt with dogs and rip a poor fox to pieces.
Until his birth, there was northing to suggest that he would be different from any other baby.
For information the average RMSE (Root Mean Square Error) of coordinates taken from comparison of daily solutions (repeatability of coordinates) is 6 mm in northing and 9 mm in easting as listed in Table 3.

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