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 (nôr′thĭng, -thĭng)
1. The northerly component of the distance traveled between two positions.
2. Progress toward the north.
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(ˈnɔːθɪŋ; -ðɪŋ)
1. (Navigation) nautical movement or distance covered in a northerly direction, esp as expressed in the resulting difference in latitude
2. (Astronomy) astronomy a north or positive declination
3. (Physical Geography) cartography
a. the distance northwards of a point from a given parallel indicated by the second half of a map grid reference
b. a latitudinal grid line. Compare easting2
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(ˈnɔr θɪŋ, -ðɪŋ)

1. northward movement or deviation; northerly direction.
2. distance due north made on any course tending northward.
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Northward, that is, from bottom to top, reading of grid values on a map.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.


(Astron) → nördliche Deklination (eines Planeten)
(= Naut)Weg mor Distanz fnach Norden
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IOM'sChief ofMission in Sudan,Catherine Northing said: "Providing health care is a crucial issue for returnees.
The site was at Easting 605090 Northing 6002080 GDA94 Zone 55, located east of Swampy Plains Creek Road at an elevation of 940 m Australian Height Datum (AHD), situated mid-slope with a westerly aspect, above a gully at the headwaters of Welumba Creek (Tooma River catchment).
Out of those we have gained northing but destruction and loss of human and material resources, obstruction of the wheel of development and progress.
Yes second hand for nix to northing. Up its lightning loveoak with pun and proper I do thee write.
In a complex topography, the spatial and temporal behaviour of precipitation are generally influenced by the variations in relief, easting, northing, slope and strong wind (Allamano, Claps, Laio, & Thea, 2009; Tao, 2009; Qing, Zhu-Guo, & Liang, 2011; Hwang, Clark, Rajagopalan, & Leavesley, 2012).
"Amesbury's a lovely place -- it's very quiet, uneventful," said Rosemary Northing, who lives a couple of hundred yards (meters) away from the cordoned-off building.
Their contention is that he is only first among equals, northing more or nothing less.
Additionally, a two-dimensional soap film smoother for space (easting, northing), was included in the models (Wood 2017).
This technique can determine the position information which includes Northing, Easting, and Elevation (X, Y, and Z) through postprocessing by using the GNSS Solution software.
The subplots were numbered 1 to 6, from south to north (northing) and then west to east (easting), in a pattern of letter "N."

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