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(Physical Geography) another word for northernmost


(ˈnɔr ðərnˌmoʊst)

farthest north.
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Adj.1.northmost - situated farthest north; "Alaska is our northernmost state"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
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The California Lighthouse, at the island's northmost tip, is the most noticeable landmark, just a couple of miles from the Alto Vista Chapel.
The songs touch upon aspects of Australian culture, from kangaroos, boomerangs, and didgeridoos to the beautiful natural land of Seisia (on the northmost tip of Australia) and a bonus recipe for Damper Bread, a food commonly eaten by Australian stockmen and drovers (cowboys).
In May this year, two members of Royal Logistics Corps died after fired mortars into Logis the Taliban Ouellette, the northmost British FOB in the region.