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(ˌnɔrθˈwɛs tər nər)

(often cap.) a native or inhabitant of the northwest, esp. the northwestern U.S.
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Eleven chapters are: introduction: all the birds in the sky; the Williams family arrives in Washington; growing up in Pasco; early journalism; Seattle and the Times; people; Cold War years; geology; at sea in the Pacific Northwest; on land in the Pacific Northwest; a northwesterner in the Far East; Japan and World War II.
by inking deals with CKl's fellow Pacific Northwesterner Simon Bannerot and the highly quotable Tyler "Manchild" Pacheco.
The word intrapreneur was first coined by a Pacific Northwesterner, Gifford Pinchot lll, grandson of the first Chief of the United States Forest Service, who popularized the term in his best-selling book, 'Why You Don't have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur.
There isn't a local or a northwesterner who doesn't know it.
As the day progressed I might have beaten him, but he was saved by the fact it was 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity and this was Jerry's kind of weather giving him a distinct advantage over this Northwesterner.
As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have a particular fondness for the writings of Denise Levertov, a Catholic peace activist and, yes, a Pacific Northwesterner.
A native Northwesterner, MIKE O'BRYANT writes about fish, wildlife and energy issues and is a U.
In the December issue, a writer from Montana expressed dismay that a Northwesterner from Olympia, Washington considered a Montana river his "home water" (Home Water Pressure, Tight Lines).
Sales and marketing tasks are now handled by John Bryant, a native Northwesterner with extensive big brewery experience.
She has been a lifelong Northwesterner and lives on San Juan Island in the State of Washington.
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