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adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in the northwest.
A northwestward direction, point, or region.

north·west′ward·ly adv. & adj.
north·west′wards adv.


(ˌnɔːθˈwɛstwədz; ˌnɔːˈwɛstwədz) or


(Physical Geography) towards or (esp of a wind) from the northwest
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But at length, at the height of a thousand feet, a very violent breeze swept to the northwestward.
Glancing northwestward, my brother saw the large crescent of shipping already writhing with the approaching terror; one ship passing behind another, another coming round from broadside to end on, steamships whistling and giving off volumes of steam, sails being let out, launches rushing hither and thither.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Mar 14(ANI): The depression over southeast Arabian Sea moved northwestwards with speeds of about 14 kmph during the past 06 hours and it lay centered at 0830 hrs IST of 14th March over southeast Arabian Sea near latitude 7.
At the time of its landfall, Auring packed maximum sustained winds of 55 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 70 kph while moving northwestwards at 9 kph.
The system is very likely to move initially northwestwards during next 24 hours and then re-curve northeastwards towards Bangladesh coast during subsequent 48 hours.
Yesterday's Monsoon Low over Western Bengal and adjoining Jharkand (India) has moved Northwestwards and today lies over Northeastern Madhya Pradesh (India).
Monsoon low pressure area lies over northeast Rajasthan which is likely to move slightly northwestwards during next 24 hours.
The PACA report pointed out that analysis of different weather charts indicate that it will intensify to deep depression and likely to move northwestwards.
It will move further into a severe tropical storm and will move west - northwestwards.
The Met deparment added that the deep depression formed over south Chhattisgarh and its neighbourhood have moved north- northwestwards and has weakened.
It was expected to strengthen as it moved northwestwards across the Bay of Bengal and meteorologists said it would reach the coast of Andhra Pradesh between Machilipatnam and Kalingapatnam on Thursday.
The greater width of the Sulaiman range suggests that it is a thin-skinned structure thrusted southwards on a weak decollement above a low-angle, northwestwards dipping basement.

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