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A nonnarcotic alkaloid obtained from the opium poppy, C22H23NO7, that has antitussive and antitumor properties and has been used as a cough suppressant.

[Alteration (influenced by Latin nōscere, to get to know; see notion) of gnoscopine, a racemic mixture of noscapine and its enantiomer : Greek (gi)gnōskō, first person singular of gignōskein, to know (from the fact that it was previously unknown); see gnō- in Indo-European roots + op(ium) + -ine.]
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No Alkaloid Name Commercial brand (s) Codeine Antitus[TM], Codicaps[TM], Tussipax[TM] Lobeline Citotal[TM], Lobatox[TM], Refrane[TM], Stopsmoke[TM] Noscapine Bequitusin[TM], Degoran[TM], Tossamine[TM], Tussisedal[TM] Theophylline Adenovasin[TM], Aerobin[TM], Euphyllin[TM], Theochron[TM] Ephedrine Amidoyna[TM], Bronchicum[TM], Peripherin[TM], Solamin[TM]
Abstract: In the present study, in vitro enzyme inhibitory studies on cinchonidine (1), cinchonine (2), quinine (3), noscapine (narcotine, 4) and santonine (5) were carried out.
Genotoxic evaluation of morphine, buprenorphine, pentazocine and noscapine by micronucleus and Comet assay in albino mice.
In the other parts of the world, the main ingredient of crack is cocaine, but in Iran it is heroin which may also contain morphine, caffeine, codeine, noscapine, papaverine, dextromethorphan, and acetyl codeine or corticosteroids in varying amounts.
Scientists have long known how the plants make opiates such as codeine and morphine, but the molecular steps the plants use to make a non-addictive substance called noscapine have been a mystery until now.
Characterization of three O-methyltransferases involved in noscapine biosynthesis in opium poppy.
We also use pharmaceutical agents with known anticancer activity, including COX-2 inhibitors such as Celebrex, Metformin, Noscapine, Disulfram, LDN (low-dose naltrexone), sodium phenylbutyrate, tetrathiomolybdate, and rapamycin, as well as Lupron, Casodex, Avodart, and Proscar.
Washington, Mar 20 (ANI): Cough medicine ingredient noscapine could be used as a prophylactic treatment for prostate cancer, according to a new study.
The Opium Poppy is the type of poppy from which opium and many refined opiates, including morphine, thebaine, codeine, papaverine, and noscapine, are extracted.
Genotoxicity evaluation of morphine, buprenorphine, pentazocine and noscapine by micronucleus assay & comet assay in mice.
Based on ASTHPHYLLIN, the company's proprietary ethical drug indicated for asthma, the new product contains diprophylline, dl-methylephedrine hydrochloride, noscapine, and diphenhydramine hydrochloride, and helps alleviate coughing and loosen phlegm.