nose guard

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nose guard

n. Football
A defensive lineman who lines up opposite the center, usually in a line having five players. Also called middle guard.

nose′ guard`

or nose′guard`,

Football. a defensive lineman positioned directly opposite the offensive center.
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A6288151365: Citato s5 evo nose guard 400 mm handrail.
The 6-foot-1, 333-pound nose guard from Largo, Fla.
It's on my hands and knees all the way with a plastic nose guard to protect my nose.
He will also be wearing elbow pads and a nose guard to prevent the sprout from bruising his face.
After a pair of penalties moved the ball back to the Quabbin 28, Wildcats nose guard Sam Gallant recovered a fumble.
Police have said Cowboys nose guard Josh Brent, who was driving, had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when after the Dec.
It's a difficult circumstance to deal with on Friday night when a 260-pound mammoth nose guard lines up against a 190-pound center, or vice versa.
8 (Magnum Weak TX): The Nose Guard will loop into the Weak B gap and Mike will explode into the Weak A gap.
Three-times Wilkin had to leave the field for treatment and he finished the game wearing a protective nose guard.
a nose guard for the women s professional football team the D.
A way to fight hay fever without drugs is with a nose guard (tel: 01872 870870).
The nose guard position is as yet undecided, but Green and Jameson are vying for that position.