nose guard

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nose guard

n. Football
A defensive lineman who lines up opposite the center, usually in a line having five players. Also called middle guard.

nose′ guard`

or nose′guard`,

Football. a defensive lineman positioned directly opposite the offensive center.
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The 6-foot-2, 270-pound senior plays center and nose guard. "He's a good snapper out of the shotgun, a good blocker and a smart kid," his coach said.
Timothy Edward Irwin from Memphis, Tennessee, attended Central High School in Knoxville where he was an all-state tight end and nose guard. At the University of Tennessee, he was a three-year letterman, a two year starter, a captain and a team offensive MVP as a senior.
I was the center and I was a nose guard. Football taught me a lot about life.
An All-Mountain West selection 2014, Davison put up 40 tackles or more for three straight seasons, operating primarily from the nose guard spot.
The 6-foot-1, 333-pound nose guard from Largo, Fla., started 11 games for the Ducks as a true freshman.
To address the danger of kickback, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) requires that all chainsaws be equipped with at least two of the following three mechanisms: a low-kickback saw chain, a nose guard, and a chain brake.
Nose guard Jarron Jones, tied for sixth with 40 tackles, tore a ligament in his foot against Louisville and is out for the season.
"It's on my hands and knees all the way with a plastic nose guard to protect my nose.
He will also be wearing elbow pads and a nose guard to prevent the sprout from bruising his face.
Police have said Cowboys nose guard Josh Brent, who was driving, had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when after the Dec.
Jones _ (Jr., 6-2, 225) and Josh Aldridge (Sr., 6-1, 225) at defensive end, Matt Buehler (Sr., 6-1, 295) at nose guard, Jasper Bodiford (Sr, 5-8, 190) at linebacker, Caleb Farrel (Sr., 5-10, 190) at rover and Tremaine Wilkes (Sr., 5-9, 185) and Roderick Cohn (Sr., 5-10 180) at defensive back.