nose guard

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nose guard

n. Football
A defensive lineman who lines up opposite the center, usually in a line having five players. Also called middle guard.

nose′ guard`

or nose′guard`,

Football. a defensive lineman positioned directly opposite the offensive center.
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The company also offered free eye surgeries to 100 indigenes in Remo area of the State, while sanitation tools and materials such as hand gloves, dustbins, wheelbarrows, rakes, brooms, nose guards, sanitizers, among others, were handed over to the Sagamu Youth Council so as to ensure hygienic environment in the community.
The coaches are also pleased with the performance of true freshmen nose guards Jordon Scott and Austin Faoliu.
Tenders are invited for Supply of hand gloves and nose guards.
Straight up, that shit is as gay as magnets, lappers, nose guards, tail skidders that spark, running light riser pads, "sky" hooks, and all these ridiculous gimmicks that came out of the minds of skate nerds, trying to make a buck.
Align nose guards directly in front of pads in a good stance, with the coach holding a ball as near to the sled as possible.
On the movement of the ball, the nose guards use a two-handed punch to shock the pad.
Injury front: Nose guards Marcus Nance and Mike Colunga will have MRIs performed to determine the extent of their injuries, Ponciano said.
Also, nose guard Sean Beard suffered a broken fibula.
Alvarez found his extra strength helped him to subdue similarly stout nose guards and defensive tackles.
The nose guards and ends need to keep people off the linebackers, so the linebackers can make plays,'' Toledo said.
It just so happens that (Waasdorp's) one of the best nose guards I've ever seen.
In addition, each team will be made up of an equal amount of players from each position group so that lineman will team with defensive backs and quarterbacks with nose guards.