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It doesn't allow a bullet to do the classic nose-dive jam common in autos.
rank rotten New low for Scots | Mark Walker Scotland will this week nose-dive 10 places to an embarrassing 67th in the FIFA rankings - behind Benin who were disbanded by their own FA a few years ago but are now back in business.
VIENNA, Jan 21 (KUNA) -- OPEC's daily basket price continued to nose-dive as it shed USD 1.37 in a day to reach USD 22.48 a barrel on Wednesday, the oil-producing nations said.
Six aeroplanes, each carrying four riders circle the control tower, nose-dive, loop, swing and barrel roll around the column.
After avoiding the glider, the plane made a sudden nose-dive and crashed, UPI reported.
While the pair give their cliched roles all they've got, you can't help feeling this one will nose-dive on to DVD.
He said the existing trade volume between Pakistan and Afghanistan would nose-dive to new lows as India would be catering to Afghanistan's business needs on more competitive rates in an efficient way.
Basically the banner hooked around the tail of the plane which meant that whenever he came in to land, it would be a nose-dive landing.
"It's like an insurance policy." But in practice, when the volatile prices of Arabica nose-dive, as they did in 2008 from $1.59 to $1.25, the superlow "insurance policy" of $1.25 leaves farmers in for a rude awakening.
Unfortunately, when I turned forty in 1990 real estate took a nose-dive and so did my business.
New York's Monte Barrett must have hit Owen Beck with one hell of a left cross to force the formerly undefeated Jamaican, now 24-1, into this nose-dive.