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1. A very steep dive of an aircraft.
2. A sudden, swift drop or plunge: Stock prices took a nosedive.



n., v. -dived -dove, -dived, -div•ing. n.
1. a plunge of an aircraft with the forward part pointing downward.
2. a sudden sharp drop or rapid decline.
3. to go into a nosedive.
Also, nose′ dive`.Also, nose′-dive`.


Past participle: nosedived
Gerund: nosediving

I nosedive
you nosedive
he/she/it nosedives
we nosedive
you nosedive
they nosedive
I nosedived
you nosedived
he/she/it nosedived
we nosedived
you nosedived
they nosedived
Present Continuous
I am nosediving
you are nosediving
he/she/it is nosediving
we are nosediving
you are nosediving
they are nosediving
Present Perfect
I have nosedived
you have nosedived
he/she/it has nosedived
we have nosedived
you have nosedived
they have nosedived
Past Continuous
I was nosediving
you were nosediving
he/she/it was nosediving
we were nosediving
you were nosediving
they were nosediving
Past Perfect
I had nosedived
you had nosedived
he/she/it had nosedived
we had nosedived
you had nosedived
they had nosedived
I will nosedive
you will nosedive
he/she/it will nosedive
we will nosedive
you will nosedive
they will nosedive
Future Perfect
I will have nosedived
you will have nosedived
he/she/it will have nosedived
we will have nosedived
you will have nosedived
they will have nosedived
Future Continuous
I will be nosediving
you will be nosediving
he/she/it will be nosediving
we will be nosediving
you will be nosediving
they will be nosediving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been nosediving
you have been nosediving
he/she/it has been nosediving
we have been nosediving
you have been nosediving
they have been nosediving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been nosediving
you will have been nosediving
he/she/it will have been nosediving
we will have been nosediving
you will have been nosediving
they will have been nosediving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been nosediving
you had been nosediving
he/she/it had been nosediving
we had been nosediving
you had been nosediving
they had been nosediving
I would nosedive
you would nosedive
he/she/it would nosedive
we would nosedive
you would nosedive
they would nosedive
Past Conditional
I would have nosedived
you would have nosedived
he/she/it would have nosedived
we would have nosedived
you would have nosedived
they would have nosedived
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.nosedive - a sudden sharp drop or rapid decline; "the stock took a nosedive"
decline, diminution - change toward something smaller or lower
2.nosedive - a steep nose-down descent by an aircraft
descent - the act of changing your location in a downward direction
power dive - a dive of an airplane that is accelerated both by gravity and by the power of the engine
Verb1.nosedive - plunge nose first; drop with the nose or front first, of aircraft
air travel, aviation, air - travel via aircraft; "air travel involves too much waiting in airports"; "if you've time to spare go by air"
dive, plunge, plunk - drop steeply; "the stock market plunged"


1. drop, plunge, dive, plummet, fall sharply The value of the shares nosedived by £2.6 billion. The cockpit was submerged as the plane nosedived into the water.
1. plunge, drop, dive, plummet, sharp fall My career has taken a nosedive in the past year or two. The catamaran sailed over the precipice and plunged into a nosedive.


1. A sudden involuntary drop to the ground:
Informal: header.
2. The act of plunging suddenly downward into or as if into water:
Informal: header.
3. A usually swift downward trend, as in prices:
إنْقِضاض رأسي، سُقوط رَأسي
let střemhlav
dÿfataka dÿfu
let strmhlavletieť strmhlav dolu
balıklama dalışbaş aşağı dalış


nose-dive [ˈnəʊzdaɪv]
[plane] → piqué m, descente f en piqué
to go into a nosedive → descendre en piqué
(in profits, prices)chute f
to take a nose-dive [profits, share prices] → dégringoler
Shares have taken a nosedive → Le cours des actions a dégringolé.
(in career, reputation) to take a nose-dive → s'effondrer
[plane] → tomber en piqué
(= plummet) [prices, profits, exchange rates, share prices] → dégringoler; [stock market] → s'effondrer
[career, reputation] → s'effondrernose drops nplgouttes fpl pour le neznose job n (= plastic surgery) to have a nose job → se faire refaire le neznose ring nanneau m de neznose stud nclou m (dans le nez)
to have a nose stud → avoir un piercing dans le nez, avoir le nez percé


(nəuz) noun
1. the part of the face by which people and animals smell and usually breathe. She held the flower to her nose; He punched the man on the nose.
2. the sense of smell. Police dogs have good noses and can follow criminals' trails.
3. the part of anything which is like a nose in shape or position. the nose of an aeroplane.
1. to make a way by pushing carefully forward. The ship nosed (its way) through the ice.
2. to look or search as if by smelling. He nosed about (in) the cupboard.
a long-nosed dog.
ˈnos(e)y adjective
taking too much interest in other people and what they are doing. She is a very nos(e)y person.
ˈnosily adverb
ˈnosiness noun
ˈnose-bag noun
food-bag for horses, hung over the head.
ˈnosedive noun
a dive or fall with the head or nose first. The aeroplane did a nosedive into the sea.
ˈnose job noun
plastic surgery on the nose.
to make such a dive. Suddenly the plane nosedived.
follow one's nose
to go straight forward.
lead by the nose
to make (a person) do whatever one wants.
nose out
to find (as if) by smelling. The dog nosed out its master's glove.
pay through the nose
to pay a lot, or too much.
turn up one's nose at
to treat with contempt. He turned up his nose at the school dinner.
under (a person's) (very) nose
right in front of (a person). The book was right under my very nose; He stole the money from under my very nose.
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So, before any irate letter-writers start complaining about voting favouritism in the former Eastern Bloc nations and why the UK entry nosedives with a series of 'nil points', I'd just like to point out: It's only a bit of fun, don't take it too seriously.
If the economy nosedives, and housing starts drop significantly, the profits in timber will dry up and the industry will shrink accordingly.