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Adj.1.noseless - having no nose
nosed - having a nose (either literal or metaphoric) especially of a specified kind
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At the door of the Uffizzi, in Florence, one is confronted by statues of a man and a woman, noseless, battered, black with accumulated grime--they hardly suggest human beings-- yet these ridiculous creatures have been thoughtfully and conscientiously fig-leaved by this fastidious generation.
"The very devil must be in it," said Don Quixote, "if Melisendra and her husband are not by this time at least on the French border, for the horse they rode on seemed to me to fly rather than gallop; so you needn't try to sell me the cat for the hare, showing me here a noseless Melisendra when she is now, may be, enjoying herself at her ease with her husband in France.
A noseless Cupid or a Jupiter with an eye out or a Venus with a fly-blister on her breast, are not attractive features in a picture.
Noseless too, though it does not sound pretty; but the greater part of my spring happiness is due to the scent of the wet earth and young leaves.
They will happily lose their most successful, profitable show to save their noseless faces and spend our money compensating all the territories that will cancel it when they bring on a second-rate sub.
which are unreachable for the noseless. The part is made into a fetish only after it has been lost."
The noseless leader confessed to his gang's 10 murders on the 17th and 18th.
Noseless Ralph Fiennes again has one of the most remarkable looks in cinema history as the unmentionable one, though it would have enhanced thriller element had the dark lord been given more proactive prominence.
When her father is murdered by a noseless hitman for refusing to sell his ranch, she resolves to defend the property, enlisting the aid of two small-time crooks and a drunken gunslinger with an equally inebriated horse.