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Variant of nosy.


a variant spelling of nosy


or nos•ey

(ˈnoʊ zi)

adj. nos•i•er, nos•i•est.
unduly curious about the affairs of others; prying.
nos′i•ly, adv.
nos′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.nosey - offensively curious or inquisitive; "curious about the neighbor's doings"; "he flipped through my letters in his nosy way"; "prying eyes"; "the snoopy neighbor watched us all day"
curious - eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns); "a curious child is a teacher's delight"; "a trap door that made me curious"; "curious investigators"; "traffic was slowed by curious rubberneckers"; "curious about the neighbor's doings"


adjective inquisitive, curious, intrusive, prying, eavesdropping, snooping (informal), busybody He whispered to avoid being overheard by their nosey neighbours.


or nosey
Informal. Unduly interested in the affairs of others:
Informal: snoopy.


[ˈnəʊzɪ] ADJ (nosier (compar) (nosiest (superl))) → entrometido
don't be so nosey!¡no seas tan entrometido!


nosy [ˈnəʊzi] adjcurieux/euse
Don't be so nosey! → Ne sois pas si curieux!, Ne sois pas si indiscret!
References in classic literature ?
It's bad enough that a gang of infernal Jews should plant us here, where there's no earthly English interest to serve, and all hell beating up against us, simply because Nosey Zimmern has lent money to half the Cabinet.
As of now, Nosey Parker learnt that the actor was able to raise enough money for ticket to travel to meet the Oyinbo woman and indications are pointing to the fact that the ex-wife is making efforts to bail him out of his situation.
The Nosey Shade's proprietary features insure that a driver is not visible to others around them when stopped at a light or parked.
Nosey Barker had been given a bit of a break prior to that run so he may have perhaps needed it a little and while he is not one of Richard Hannon's stars, it will be disappointing if he cannot take a hand in the finish.
And although many of us like to chat, nearly one in five find their neighbours a little bit too nosey.
In this context, it's worth pointing out that thanks to the internet and all the wonders of online property marketing - which these days includes everything from 360-degree virtual tours and computer-generated 3D walkthroughs to Google Streetview - even a nosey neighbour can get a pretty good idea of what your home looks like and how it is situated, without going to the trouble of registering with an estate agent.
Rosey Nosey has been described by noted English beer writer Roger Protz as "a rich, luscious, and warming ale ideal for winter.
After missing the break in his heat, Mall Nosey then stumbled slightly at the start but did a lot of running to finish second to Little Jig.
The North East because strangers talk to each other on buses and it is kindly meant and a bit nosey as well.
I know it sounds like we are being bitchy and nosey but it's getting rather pathetic.
Simms said she was shocked to receive an award for being nosey.
It's a phrase that Percy Spencer probably heard often growing up since he was such a nosey boy.