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 (nŏsh) Informal
A snack or light meal.
intr.v. noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es
To eat a snack or light meal: noshed on a bagel between classes.

[Yiddish nash, from nashn, to eat sweets, nibble on, from Middle High German naschen, to nibble, from Old High German hnascōn.]

nosh′er n.
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Noun1.nosher - someone who eats lightly or eats snacks between meals
eater, feeder - someone who consumes food for nourishment
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The Da Afghanistan Bank Acting Governor Wahid Nosher and World Bank Acting Country Director Homa-Zahra Fotouhi attended the launch.
According to police sources, Ahmadyar police, on a tip off, raided at Chak 34 and arrested Muhammad Aslam, Jaman Shah, Nosher, Lateef, Ameer Bakhsh, Javed Akhtar and Sabir Ali.
The meeting was addressed, among others, by General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed, Haji Humayun (Tarbela), Mushtaq Ahmad (Ghazi Brotha), Said Sharaf (Warsak), Nosher Khan, Ayub Khokhar, Rana Akram and Osama Tariq.
The police team after hectic efforts succeeded in arresting the dacoits namely Tamoor Akram son of Muhammad Akram, r/o Sargodha, Ibrahim Khan s/o Khalid Khan r/o Peshawar, Ali Inam alias Mani s/o Nosher r/o Chechawatni and Azam Khan s/o Razi Khan r/o Rawalpindi.
The union was represented by Khurshid Ahmad, general secretary, along with Haji Mohammad Younis, senior vice president, Osama Tariq, additional general secretary, and Maqsood Qureshi and Nosher Khan.
(12.) Nosher JL, Chung J, Brevetti LS, Graham AM, Siegel RL.
The search and strike operation has been conducted on the directives of DPO Nosher Khan Mohmand.
In another incident, Allah Yar (35) s/o Nosher, resident of Chak 119-JB was riding a motorcycle when he skidded off the road and received severe injuries.
Boosted by massive inflows of foreign aid, Afghanistan has reserves of around $8 billion and Wahidullah Nosher, deputy head of the Afghanistan Central Bank, said there was no sign of any major shortage of dollars on the market, where the central bank sells around $50 to $60 million a week.
Briefing news men SHO Yunas Rehman said that the special campaign has been launched in the district on the directives of DPO Nosher Khan and DSP Timergara Sher Wali Khan, The police also seized seven klashinkoves, ten rifle, fifteen guns and eighteen pistols.
The science teacher travelled with pals down to the annual competition and, after sinking a few pints, was persuaded to become a nettle nosher by fellow pub goers.