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 (nŏsh) Informal
A snack or light meal.
intr.v. noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es
To eat a snack or light meal: noshed on a bagel between classes.

[Yiddish nash, from nashn, to eat sweets, nibble on, from Middle High German naschen, to nibble, from Old High German hnascōn.]

nosh′er n.
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Noun1.nosher - someone who eats lightly or eats snacks between meals
eater, feeder - someone who consumes food for nourishment
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Briefing to the media persons, SHO Yunus Rehman said that the special campaign has been launched in the district on the directives of DPO Nosher Khan and DSP Timergara Sher Wali Khan, police also seized seven Kalashnikovs, ten rifle, fifteen guns and eighteen pistols.
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The science teacher travelled with pals down to the annual competition and, after sinking a few pints, was persuaded to become a nettle nosher by fellow pub goers.
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Ahmed quickly singled him out and called him a "blasphemer" in front of the congregation, Nosher Ali, the head of the local police station, told Reuters on Sunday.
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