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or nos·ey  (nō′zē)
adj. nos·i·er, nos·i·est Informal
Given to or showing an intrusive curiosity about the affairs of others; prying.

nos′i·ly adv.
nos′i·ness n.
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Noun1.nosiness - offensive inquisitiveness
curiousness, inquisitiveness - a state of active curiosity


Informal. Undue interest in the affairs of others:
Informal: snoopiness.
فُضولِيَّه، حَشْر الأنْف في شؤون الغَيْر
hnÿsni, forvitni
başkalarınrn işine karışma


[ˈnəʊzɪnɪs] Nentrometimiento m


(nəuz) noun
1. the part of the face by which people and animals smell and usually breathe. She held the flower to her nose; He punched the man on the nose.
2. the sense of smell. Police dogs have good noses and can follow criminals' trails.
3. the part of anything which is like a nose in shape or position. the nose of an aeroplane.
1. to make a way by pushing carefully forward. The ship nosed (its way) through the ice.
2. to look or search as if by smelling. He nosed about (in) the cupboard.
a long-nosed dog.
ˈnos(e)y adjective
taking too much interest in other people and what they are doing. She is a very nos(e)y person.
ˈnosily adverb
ˈnosiness noun
ˈnose-bag noun
food-bag for horses, hung over the head.
ˈnosedive noun
a dive or fall with the head or nose first. The aeroplane did a nosedive into the sea.
ˈnose job noun
plastic surgery on the nose.
to make such a dive. Suddenly the plane nosedived.
follow one's nose
to go straight forward.
lead by the nose
to make (a person) do whatever one wants.
nose out
to find (as if) by smelling. The dog nosed out its master's glove.
pay through the nose
to pay a lot, or too much.
turn up one's nose at
to treat with contempt. He turned up his nose at the school dinner.
under (a person's) (very) nose
right in front of (a person). The book was right under my very nose; He stole the money from under my very nose.
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It's about our greed, our surprise, our credulity, our nosiness, our carelessness and our past.
My detective is a professor at a small Ohio college, and his nosiness almost gets him killed.
Great performances from the likes of Juliet Stevenson, John Lynch and Joe Dempsie have kept us relatively gripped, though, along with pure nosiness at wanting to know.
Her neighbour raced over, face alight with the mischief of nosiness masquerading as interest 'Given any more thought to sorting my chaos?
There's something about seeing props strewn about, seeing clusters of actors going over their lines and hearing snippets of live music which makes me feel part of proceedings - even when I've just turned up to encroach on everyone's lunch hour with a load of journalistic nosiness.
So great is his nosiness, that in 2009, the soap released a promo trailer in which he was portrayed as a 007-style spy, using all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to snoop on his Corrie neighbours.
The widescale theft of woods/precious tree by the logger mafia has become a sign of nosiness for the owners of the lands from where the woods were being chopped illegally sources said.
But I realized that even though I didn't appreciate people's nosiness and bossiness, or the way they made my pregnant body a space for their own prejudices and opinions, I could continue to use these discussions as a way of making them reflect on their own long-held views.
Our premium on community to the point of nosiness is precious in a world where no one goes to church anymore and neighbors are strangers, where one can have hundreds of friends on Facebook and feel lonely, and where someone can be plotting mass murder while disappearing into World of Warcraft.
GENTLE READER: Snarling at people to mind their own business -- however justified by their nosiness -- would be a good way to convince people that your injuries were the result of your own pugnaciousness.
But whether due to her species' natural nosiness or simply finding me a convenient rubbing post as she intermittently stroked her body against my pant legs, she didn't.
Anyway, it was later explained to me that the reason for my neighbour's nosiness was my being a young, unmarried, full-blooded male.