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or nos·ey  (nō′zē)
adj. nos·i·er, nos·i·est Informal
Given to or showing an intrusive curiosity about the affairs of others; prying.

nos′i·ly adv.
nos′i·ness n.
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Noun1.nosiness - offensive inquisitiveness
curiousness, inquisitiveness - a state of active curiosity
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Informal. Undue interest in the affairs of others:
Informal: snoopiness.
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فُضولِيَّه، حَشْر الأنْف في شؤون الغَيْر
hnÿsni, forvitni
başkalarınrn işine karışma


[ˈnəʊzɪnɪs] Nentrometimiento m
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(nəuz) noun
1. the part of the face by which people and animals smell and usually breathe. She held the flower to her nose; He punched the man on the nose.
2. the sense of smell. Police dogs have good noses and can follow criminals' trails.
3. the part of anything which is like a nose in shape or position. the nose of an aeroplane.
1. to make a way by pushing carefully forward. The ship nosed (its way) through the ice.
2. to look or search as if by smelling. He nosed about (in) the cupboard.
a long-nosed dog.
ˈnos(e)y adjective
taking too much interest in other people and what they are doing. She is a very nos(e)y person.
ˈnosily adverb
ˈnosiness noun
ˈnose-bag noun
food-bag for horses, hung over the head.
ˈnosedive noun
a dive or fall with the head or nose first. The aeroplane did a nosedive into the sea.
ˈnose job noun
plastic surgery on the nose.
to make such a dive. Suddenly the plane nosedived.
follow one's nose
to go straight forward.
lead by the nose
to make (a person) do whatever one wants.
nose out
to find (as if) by smelling. The dog nosed out its master's glove.
pay through the nose
to pay a lot, or too much.
turn up one's nose at
to treat with contempt. He turned up his nose at the school dinner.
under (a person's) (very) nose
right in front of (a person). The book was right under my very nose; He stole the money from under my very nose.
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He added he later turned and headed back "out of nosiness" but found the road had been blocked.
It's part habit, part nosiness and a little bit of nostalgia.
Singhalese Buddhism has 136 Burmese Buddhism 40,040, one for each particular sin, "including nosiness, chicken-selling, and eating sweets with rice." Perhaps borrowing from older cultures, early Christians too thought of Hell as a place.
On this basis, DeNicola argues in chapter 8 for recognition of new epistemic virtues, such as discretion, caution, and keeping one's counsel, as well as correlative vices, such as blabbing, nosiness, and propensity to offer "too much information." DeNicola might have made it clearer why these virtues and vices should be regarded as of epistemic rather than moral import, but the book is generally at its best when relating meditations on ignorance to current scholarship in virtue epistemology.
Despite the wishes of her family and the nosiness of the small community, she steadfastly refuses to reveal the name of the father (1993) ***
'To that end, civil society's nosiness is encouraged; there is a hotline to the Palace for suspicions; and a vivacious media only too eager to publicize every suspicion every hour on the hour.
Denne claimed her actions stemmed from "curiosity and nosiness".
My detective is a professor at a small Ohio college, and his nosiness almost gets him killed.
The personification of nurturing, of nosiness, of dream-dinnerparty-guest cheer.