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a. The horizontally projecting edge of a stair tread.
b. A shield covering this edge.
2. A projecting edge of a molding.


1. (Building) the edge of a step or stair tread that projects beyond the riser
2. (Architecture) a projecting edge of a moulding, esp one that is half-round
[C18: from nose + -ing1]


(ˈnoʊ zɪŋ)

a projecting edge, as the part of the tread of a step extending beyond the riser.
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approximately 800m A and benefits of supply and installation of aluminum stair nosings with LED lighting on the steps of the stairs of the Great Hall (150 linear meters).
These rugged aluminum nosings with no-slip surfaces feature photoluminescent strips along their full length to clearly demarcate the edge of each tread, even in total darkness.
As part of this we are protecting the base of the memorial with bronze nosings to ensure it is not abused by potential skateboarders.
The company also offers photoluminescent markings integrated into stair nosings and door hardware for high-traffic areas.
s Bold Step is a colorful, durable solution for stair treads, stair nosings, and safety walkway treads.
In Pavkov, the Air Force agreed to provide various items of GFP, including eighty-seven stair nosings that the contractor would use to install several staircases.
Its beautifully chosen cherry-wood floor makes the place warm and welcoming, and indeed the austere elegant greyness and transparency of the whole space is made cheerful with deft touches of ruddy wood: red oak ceilings in the galleries, wooden furniture in the offices, wood strip walls round the dining area, and even wood on the nosings of the spiral stairs - a detail that could have been clumsy, but which serves here to make the cold steel and glass more approachable.