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 (nō-sŏl′ə-jē, -zŏl′-)
n. pl. no·sol·o·gies
1. The branch of medicine that deals with the classification of diseases.
2. A classification of diseases.

no′so·log′i·cal (-sə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl), no′so·log′ic (-ĭk) adj.
no′so·log′i·cal·ly adv.
no·sol′o·gist n.
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This is a consequence of basing the new edition on the key strengths incorporated in DSM-5 and RDoC (Stein & Reed, 2019), that is, emphasis is placed on nosological decision-making supported by evidence and the translational vision of research.
Even my husband." It seems that the nosological category "hypertension", as a disease requiring treatment, follow-up, and controlled and continuous medication, found a better correspondence to the expression "pressure problem" and not simply "high blood pressure." "Pressure problem" seems more permanent and insistent, and it was common to hear it being used with the verb "to have" in the present, "My sister has a pressure problem since she was pregnant with her last child." The second term, "high blood pressure", seems to be used as a common temporary condition, such as an unpredictable "peak".
The following were included: Children of both sexes, with and without oral breathing classification, from the application of the respiratory function functional classification protocol elaborated for this research and association with the nosological diagnosis.
For the other nosological forms of infection, the epidemiological situation was stable," experts say.
Carcinosarcomas: Current perspectives and an historical review of nosological concepts.
The Registrar-General of England had compiled a nosological classification incorporating "Lessons from violence leading to sudden death," a subsection being Polemici, which "included all lesions resulting from battle; and among them, of course, the particular lesions produced by gunshot, which were at the time designated 'Vulnera Sclopetaria.'" (13)
After the synthetic and clear setting of the general theoretical framework, the authors present a series of screening tests for addictions, then to bring into question a fundamental problem associated with this nosological category, namely the ethical and legislative implications in the dependencies.
* Mental disorders--a variable that covers a set of various mental disorders specified in medical records in a nosological diagnosis, determining the level of absence of mental health in an individual who is employed and executes employment-related tasks.
Cultural features impact on levels of severity, psychopathological depth, differential diagnoses, and nosological locations of the patient's morbid experiences.