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 (nŏ-stăl′jə, nə-)
1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.

[Greek nostos, a return home; see nes- in Indo-European roots + -algia.]

nos·tal′gic (-jĭk) adj.
nos·tal′gi·cal·ly adv.
nos·tal′gist n.
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in a way that is characterized by nostalgia
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Adv.1.nostalgically - in a nostalgic manner; "they spent an hour together, talking nostalgically as they wandered slowly down the coast road"
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بِحَنِنِيَّةٍ إلى الوَطَن
á nostalgískan/angurværan hátt


[nɒˈstældʒɪkəli] adv [look back] → avec nostalgie
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advnostalgisch; (= wistfully)wehmütig; they look back nostalgically to the warsie blicken mit Nostalgie auf den Krieg zurück
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(noˈstӕldʒə) noun
a longing for past times. She felt a great nostalgia for her childhood.
noˈstalgic adjective
noˈstalgically adverb
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The aroma of unboiled tea leaves is very nice,' he said, smiling nostalgically.
BY EITHNE FARRY Windmill, PS8.99 IN MY LIFE: A MUSIC MEMOIR Alan Johnson The former Labour Home Secretary looks back nostalgically on the music which inspired him and formed the soundtrack to his life.
* At this moment in history, long-distance train travel is somewhere in between nostalgically quaint and futuristically revolutionary.
Though not as big as Thursday's "The Christmas Contract," it's still just as nostalgically perfect.
The Hopeful love Tumblr unconditionally, shared the lemon-rolling video nostalgically, and collect whimsical Slack memberships like they're going out of style.
The Oba noted nostalgically that there was a long historical ties between the Binis and Itsekiris and, therefore, called on both kingdoms to strive for closer interactions.
He nostalgically said how he used to talk in VGA quality with family.
Elmo (1866), a novel that nostalgically longs for the South to rise again, in counterpoint to Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton's Who Would Have Thought It (1872), which shows how sectional nostalgia creates "exile" as a permanent feature of US cultural and political life.
Nostalgically, you find yourself flying above heavily armoured dreadnoughts, your mission to destroy a number of ground targets which are fixed to the ship.
CUBA HAS LONG BEEN IMPRINTED on the American imagination as a place stylishly, nostalgically lost in time, romanticized in an image vocabulary of architectural ruins, classic Chevrolets, and tiny, tough old ladies smoking fat cigars.
"When I drew my first salary as a high court judge, my father's pension was higher," Khehar recalled nostalgically. Khehar credited his late father for his success as he taught him "perseverance and resolve."
The site, which, along with a Facebook page, doubles as a constantly updated chronicle of every known Jewish-related joke in the show's history, still has a nostalgically low-tech Web 1.0 look to it.