Nosy Parker

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nosy parker

informal a prying person
[C20: apparently arbitrary use of surname Parker]


(or nos′y) Par′ker,

a persistently nosy person.

nosy parker

nosey parker n (Brit) (fam) → ficcanaso m/f
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But for all those nosy parkers out there, actor Robert Webb (below) reveals his greatest compilation of blunders yet.
The nosy parkers who love nothing more than cruising around getting your hopes up, even though they have no intention of buying.
You can't have it every which way - we like the gossip and have done for what seems like forever; we seem to be a nation of nosy parkers.
Some of the nosy parkers even looked up the insurance details of celebrities, Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes revealed.
GEORGE Clooney suffered from a few nosy parkers while he was in hospital.