not intrusive

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Adj.1.not intrusive - not interfering or meddlingnot intrusive - not interfering or meddling    
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That are not intrusive to the environment, it is good to read something positive.
But there's a balance to be struck: Rather than requiring all visitors to be searched and wanded when they enter, similar to security measures seen at airports and concert and sporting venues, many hotels and casinos would prefer that security be visible but not intrusive to the guest experience.
Maureen added: "We have background music, but it is not intrusive.
For any company, the applied research collaboration with the college in robotics in automation is fantastic because it's all offline, so it's not intrusive in their process," Coccimiglio said.
The earphones are light, comfortable on prolonged wear, somewhat large but not intrusive, and uses a quality of plastic that passes off as acceptable.
This consultation aims to acquire a solution, not intrusive, telemetry of energy consumption in industrial buildings (electricity, water, gas, district heating .
On Twitter, there is no banner so advertising is not intrusive but is a part of the conversation.
Although there's no feedback option, the ads are not intrusive as they blend in well with the rest of the search results and are highly relevant due to Google's Quality Score algorithm.
Some staff were expert, attentive but not intrusive, polite, enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the menu, but this high standard highlighted those who were not.
It will border the local conservation area, and there will be new greenery planted on the site, while the car parking areas will be hidden from view so they are not intrusive and do not spoil the look of the complex.
They're not intrusive, and they aren't native ads at all" said Wills.
Plus, it is not intrusive because it just runs in the background.