not intrusive

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Adj.1.not intrusive - not interfering or meddlingnot intrusive - not interfering or meddling    
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I am not intrusive; I used to get on all right with card-sharpers, and I never bored Prince Svirbey, a great personage who is a distant relation of mine, and I could write about Raphael's /Madonna/ in Madam Prilukov's album, and I never left Marfa Petrovna's side for seven years, and I used to stay the night at Viazemsky's house in the Hay Market in the old days, and I may go up in a balloon with Berg, perhaps."
It delivers smooth, aromatic, cherry and red plum fruit with touches of rosemary, a vanilla and cinnamon background, good acidity and firm but not intrusive tannin.
"It's not intrusive to the existing systems," Kaneshiro said.
Catherine Paskell has directed the piece to feel inclusive of the audience but not intrusive.
The meeting also heard the plans were not intrusive compared to previous works and only applied to a boundary wall.
The staff were attentive but not intrusive, always happy to help, but respectful of diners' personal space.
"Drone surveys are also a good way to monitor shallow water, megafauna species because they are not intrusive," Hensel said, adding that the technology opens up doors to explore a range of conservation issues.
Staff welcoming and pleasant and not intrusive. Extra marks to them for spotting whenever any of us had an empty glass.
They are colorful but not intrusive. I like how their difference in techniques also gives the interplay of textures.
So, how do businesses use messaging to be conversational but not intrusive? How do they provide utility for people while also driving results for their brand?
The American soprano Carole Farley (Serebrier's wife) has a full, but not intrusive, vibrato and there's plenty of tonal variety in her delivery.