not surprised

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Adj.1.not surprised - not surprised or expressing surprisenot surprised - not surprised or expressing surprise; "that unsuprised obstinate look on his face"
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It is a most provoking situation, a most absurd situation; but you know Mr Merdle, and are not surprised.'
He spoke and looked so much in earnest, that Anne was not surprised to see Mrs Clay stealing a glance at Elizabeth and herself.
She was not surprised at his having come; she did not realize that he had come.
Mahomet, who was in possession of the mountains, being informed by his spies that the Portuguese were but four hundred, encamped in the plain of Ballut, and sent a message to the general that he knew the Abyssins had imposed on the King of Portugal, which, being acquainted with their treachery, he was not surprised at, and that in compassion of the commander's youth, he would give him and his men, if they would return, free passage, and furnish them with necessaries; that he might consult upon the matter, and depend upon his word, reminding him, however, that it was not safe to refuse his offer.
He was not surprised when he recognised the colour of Lady Arabella's dress.
"You were not surprised when the wretch used horrible language in front of me!
Her daughter, feeling by turns both pleased and pained, surprised and not surprised, was all silent attention.
"I'm not surprised that you are," returned Dorothy.
When at last he got to his feet, his mind was confused and he was not surprised by the boy's disappearance.
She was not surprised at Mademoiselle Reisz's question the morning that lady, following her to the beach, tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she did not greatly miss her young friend.
I am not surprised that you refused to recognize me.
So I was not surprised, still later on in my life, to recognize instantly, the first time I saw them, trees such as the spruce, the yew, the birch, and the laurel.