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n. notalgia, dolor en la espalda.
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(2011), also point to the alternative name notiaios myelos ([phrase omitted]) which is used in the terms notochorda, notalgia, myelomeni ngocela.
Notalgia paresthetica (NP) is a common, yet seldom reported condition characterized by chronic pruritus in the interscapular and paravertebral region with periodic remissions and exacerbations.
The signs and symptoms of DSN neuropathy bear a striking resemblance to several other diagnoses or findings in the cervicothoracic, scapular and posterolateral arm areas including cervicogenic dorsalgia (CD), notalgia paresthetica (NP), SICK scapula and a posterolateral arm pain pattern.
When admitted to our hospital, the patient mainly complained of breathlessness, progressive emaciation, serious notalgia, and right upper quadrant pain.
Clinically, itch can be classified into itch associated with skin disorders (e.g., xerosis, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, psoriasis, and arthropod bite), itch associated with systemic diseases (e.g., chronic liver disease, end stage renal failure), neuropathic itch (e.g., notalgia paresthetica, postherpes zoster neuropathy), and psychogenic itch.
The location of the pruritic area and the patient's clinical presentation led us to diagnose notalgia paresthetica.
Notalgia paresthetica (NP) is a neuropathy with unknown cause of thoracic spinal nerves T2-T6, particularly their dorsal branches.
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* neuropathic pruritus as a result of anatomic lesions of the central or peripheral nervous system (notalgia paraesthetica, herpes zoster, brachioradial pruritus)