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1. Of or relating to a notary public.
2. Executed or drawn up by a notary public.

no·tar′i·al·ly adv.


(noʊˈtɛər i əl)

1. of or pertaining to a notary public.
2. drawn up or executed by a notary public.
no•tar′i•al•ly, adv.


[nəʊˈtɛərɪəl] ADJnotarial


adj seal, deed, stylenotariell; feesNotar-
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There are only nine days before us for drawing up and recording the notarial deeds (bear that in mind).
In accordance with the Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the notary on the basis of information on the existence of a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on notarial activities in the actions of officials of local government bodies who have the right to perform notarial acts, the territorial body of justice conducts an audit.
Based on the records, two lawyers have been disbarred from January to June 2017; 15 have been suspended from the practice of law; eight have been suspended from the practice of law and notarial practice; four have been suspended from notarial practice; three have been reprimanded; five have been admonished and sternly warned; 16 lawyers were fined; and three were ordered arrested and detained.
Routine services, such as passport renewals including lost or stolen passports, reports of birth abroad, and notarial services, are not considered emergencies.
raising the level of protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations when applying to notaries for notarial acts and using notarized documents;
The actual cancellation of the contract shall take place after 30 days from receipt by the buyer of the notice of cancellation or the demand for the notarial act of rescission and upon full payment of the cash surrender value to the buyer.
Conerly is a member of the National Rifle Association, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Louisiana Notarial Association and the First Southern Methodist Church.
Por lo que acercarse nuevamente al momento notarial permite agudizar la comprension de los cambios sociales y culturales, la fuerza del derecho, la difusion de una cultura juridica y el orden administrativo en las sociedades del pasado.
Addressing racism, discrimination, racial politics, Black advancement, Afro-Latin culture, various racial movements, and other important topics involving race and Afro-Latin history, this book draws on multiple resources--including notarial and parish registries; church, court, and military archives; police records; newspapers and magazines; novels, short stories, poetry, and songs; physical artifacts; and more-- in order to shed light on the true narrative of Latin AmericaAEs Black history.
On the other hand, Florida law also specifically permits notarial wills.
Primavera claimed that DFA-CODI abused its discretion when it did not reject Lanza's affidavit for failure of the notary public to submit his notarial report to the notarial section of the regional trial court (RTC) of Pasay City.
If applicant finds out disadvantages that prevent the writing of notarial acts during the reception, measures will be taken for their immediate removal.