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a. A V-shaped cut.
b. Such a cut used for keeping a record.
2. A narrow pass between mountains.
3. Informal A level or degree: a notch or two higher in quality.
tr.v. notched, notch·ing, notch·es
1. To cut a notch in.
2. To record by or as if by making notches: notched the score on a stick.
3. Informal To achieve; score: notched 30 wins in a single season.

[Probably from a notch, alteration of an otch, from French oche, from Old French, from ochier, to notch.]
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Tudor was notching his steel-jacketed bullets, or cutting them blunt, so that they would spread on striking--in short, he was making them into the vicious dum-dum prohibited in modern warfare.
In Fitch's current criteria, subordinated tranches in EETC transactions are rated by notching up from the underlying airline Issuer Default Rating (IDR) based on three factors: (1) affirmation factor, (2) benefit of a liquidity facility and (3) recovery.
In this study, there was statistically significant association between the persistence of both unilateral, bilateral notching and development of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, foetal growth restriction when compared to notch absent groups.
So, to design an antenna for UWB applications with notching all the bands for WiMAX and WLAN systems is necessary.
The reference UWB antenna current distributions at the respective notched band centre frequencies, i.e., 3.8 GHz and 5.7 GHz are shown in Figures 5(a) and 6(a), where enhanced current distribution is not observed at any part of the reference UWB antenna due to absence of notching elements.
The approach outlines the general notching guidelines that MARC will apply to issues of Basel III-compliant bank capital instruments.
To clearly understand the band notching technique, i.e., the effect partial annular slot on impedance characteristics, the simulated current distribution on the ring radiator at centre frequency of the notch band (5.5 GHz) is depicted in Figure 2(a).