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Noun1.note receivable - your right in a promissory note in which the maker promises to pay a certain amount of money at a certain time
note of hand, promissory note, note - a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time; "I had to co-sign his note at the bank"
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We believe that disclosing Gross Profit - as adjusted, Gross Margin - as adjusted, Selling and Administrative Expense - as adjusted, Selling and Administrative Expense as a percent of Net Sales - as adjusted, Profit from Operations - as adjusted, Operating Margin - as adjusted, Profit Before Income Taxes - as adjusted, Income Tax Expense - as adjusted, Net Earnings Attributable to Tennant Company - as adjusted and Net Earnings Attributable to Tennant Company per Share - as adjusted (collectively, the 'Non-GAAP Measures'), excluding the impacts from the discontinuation of product lines, acquisition and integration costs, certain non-operational professional services, restructuring charges and a note receivable write down are useful to investors as a measure of operating performance.
Emmis will receive $91.5 million in cash from Standard General to form the partnership, along with a $5 million note receivable. Emmis will also receive 23.72% of the common equity of Mediaco.
Integration of New Canada retail segment: As part of the two step acquisition, the company completed the remeasurement of previously held assets, including the equity investment and note receivable from its initial investment in 2014, resulting in a non-cash charge of $34M.
The business has a note receivable from a customer with a balance of $30,000.
The current note receivable balance is US220.5m and in 2008, H&R REIT completed an internal reorganisation which resulted in each of its issued and outstanding unit trading together with a unit of H&R Finance Trust as a "Stapled Unit," on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
The deal with RadNet, which closed yesterday, saw the US company purchase 19 of the 21 centres owned by CML for USD42.9m, including USD28.2m in cash, a USD9m note receivable and USD5.7m of assumed capital lease obligations.
RadNet agreed to pay USD42.9m for the business, including USD28.2m in cash, USD9m in the form of a note receivable, and USD5.7m in capital lease obligations assumed by RadNet.
Along with the subordinated note receivable from Quicksilver Gas Services, terms of the deal call for $701 million in cash at closing plus up to $72 million in earn-out payments and the resulting elimination of $228 million of consolidated debt.
In addition, he oversees the company's distributor note receivable portfolio and share repurchase plan.
The deal was comprised of US$15 million in cash financed by a Panamanian bank and a US$5 million note receivable, Chiquita said.