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Noun1.notebook entry - an entry in a notebook
entry - an item inserted in a written record
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Part of the notebook entry allegedly read: "Be prepared to fight and die for your race in a possible last stand for our survival.
But she signed a pocket notebook entry which confirmed she had been assaulted and had scratchmarks to her chest.
The allegation that Mr Cloherty, of Harington Road, in Formby, had falsified a notebook entry led to the misconduct in public office charge.
He had later made a pocket notebook entry about his visit and said that he would call again to check on her.
promising run bouggler Trainer: Emma Lavelle Although eventually last of the 13 runners in the 3m1f110yds handicap hurdle at Cheltenham on Saturday, Bouggler is well worth a notebook entry.
MILESTONE Celia, left, Joan, and landmark notebook entry
They were inadvertently omitted from a sports Notebook entry in the Feb.
And yet, to approach Reborn as grist for the mill of an amateur curiosity about the person behind the militantly anticonfessional books Sontag published during her lifetime is a risky enterprise, as the writer herself hints in a notebook entry composed in 1957: "In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could do to any person; I create myself.
Here are selected phrases from a long notebook entry for 1 August:
The structure of the notebook entry here, as well as the images used, is instructive as a means of thinking about what it means to convey the experience of pain.