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adj. note·wor·thi·er, note·wor·thi·est
Deserving notice or attention; notable; remarkable: a noteworthy advance in cancer research.

note′wor′thi·ly adv.
note′wor′thi·ness n.
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جَدارَه بالذِّكْر أو المُلاحَظَه
figyelemre méltó volta
dikkate değerlilikönemlilik


[ˈnəʊtˌwɜːðɪnɪs] Nnotabilidad f
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(nəut) noun
1. a piece of writing to call attention to something. He left me a note about the meeting.
2. (in plural) ideas for a speech, details from a lecture etc written down in short form. The students took notes on the professor's lecture.
3. a written or mental record. Have you kept a note of his name?
4. a short explanation. There is a note at the bottom of the page about that difficult word.
5. a short letter. She wrote a note to her friend.
6. (American bill) a piece of paper used as money; a bank-note. a five-dollar note.
7. a musical sound. The song ended on a high note.
8. a written or printed symbol representing a musical note.
9. an impression or feeling. The conference ended on a note of hope.
1. (often with down) to write down. He noted (down) her telephone number in his diary.
2. to notice; to be aware of. He noted a change in her behaviour.
ˈnotable adjective
worth taking notice of; important. There were several notable people at the meeting.
ˌnotaˈbility noun
ˈnotably adverb
1. in particular. Several people offered to help, notably Mrs Brown.
2. in a noticeable way. Her behaviour was notably different from usual.
ˈnoted adjective
well-known. a noted author; This town is noted for its cathedral.
ˈnotelet (-lit) noun
a small piece of notepaper, often folded like a card and with a picture on it, used for short letters.
ˈnotebook noun
a small book in which to write notes.
ˈnotecase noun
a case for bank-notes, carried in the pocket.
ˈnotepaper noun
paper for writing letters.
ˈnoteworthy adjective
worthy of notice; remarkable.
ˈnoteworthiness noun
take note of
to notice and remember. He took note of the change in her appearance.
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The results and noteworthiness of such programs is evident from the accomplishments of other developed countries.
Indeed, as Schroeder emphasizes, it is attractive to think that a reasons-based account has to be the right account of properties like credibility, despicability, trustworthiness, noteworthiness, and so on, whatever one thinks about the broader reasons fundamentalist program.
A cumbersome but accurate translation that captures the precise valances of yili within Du's discourse would be "norms governing both the embedding and interpretation of meaning that hold paradigmatic (Zhou cultural) and moral (Confucian) significance." The translation "norms of significance" is avoided here because, while it suggests that these norms are of particular noteworthiness, it does not immediately suggest that they embody specific meanings to be encoded and decoded.
Because of its noteworthiness, SMEs promotion has turned into a point of convergence of government strategies for restoration and revival of the economy, generating of employment opportunities and reduction of poverty.
Rather, the attention derived from the noteworthiness of members like Smith and the du Ponts and from the almost constant barrage of lectures, pamphlets and radio talks the League produced.
Noteworthiness, the tracking error of the dish concentrator originated in the EATD tracking error.
While a few studies report a bigger number of cases in men than in ladies (Liu et al 2001), these educations are too little for factual noteworthiness. A bigger study is obligatory before bearing in mind male sex as a solid, free hazard calculates.
A practical means of predicting the pan evaporation where no pans are accessible is of impressive noteworthiness to the hydrologists, meteorologists, and agriculturists [6].
And Anderson, as is his way, treated the event in his usual low-key fashion, dismissing it as of momentary noteworthiness on the one hand and understanding its significance on the other.
Hence, frequent BLS courses should be held denoting all dental specialists realize the noteworthiness.
Jamil Khawar HOD Communication and Principal GCC Professor Muhammad Awan, Muhammad Umair Khan andRehman Rashid talked on the subject and highlighted the noteworthiness of the issue.
A plaque of recognition was given to Matugas in grateful recognition and appreciation of her "invaluable achievements, noteworthiness, consistency of performance, commitment and selfless dedication to public service, good inter-intra personal relationship and adherence to the civil service law rules thereby nurturing a culture of excellence service," according to Civil Service Executive Director Arthur Luis Florentin and Caraga CSC Regional Director Resurrection P.