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He is not a pawn in history so much as a great noticer in time, with astonishing skill at capturing the atmosphere in a room, matched by his talent with pencil and sketchbook." COLMTOIBIN
"We want to teach people to be a good noticer of when someone might be displaying symptoms of any level of mental health distress," said Denise Elsbree, community liaison for Mental Health First Aid at Linden Oaks.
Brands are excellent tools for the noticer. They filter our choices.
A great "noticer" of people and places, Pla appears to have been blessed with the heightened sensitivity and multisensory processing abilities of those with synesthesia, and his abundant literary gifts allowed him to record in his narratives what he saw, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled with startling clarity and sharpness.
The Power of Noticing is based on a combination of the executive decision-making class Bazerman teaches, extensive research, firsthand experiences and his own "journey to become a first-class 'noticer.'"