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tr.v. no·ti·fied, no·ti·fy·ing, no·ti·fies
1. To give notice to; inform: notified the citizens of the curfew by posting signs.
2. Chiefly British To give notice of; make known.

[Middle English notifien, from Old French notifier, from Latin nōtificāre : nōtus, known, past participle of nōscere, to get to know; see gnō- in Indo-European roots + -ficāre, -fy.]

no′ti·fi′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Stryver (after notifying to his jackal that "he had thought better of that marrying matter") had carried his delicacy into Devonshire, and when the sight and scent of flowers in the City streets had some waifs of goodness in them for the worst, of health for the sickliest, and of youth for the oldest, Sydney's feet still trod those stones.
Clayton did not believe that Black Michael had the slightest intention of notifying the British government of their whereabouts, nor was he any too sure but that some treachery was contemplated for the following day when they should be on shore with the sailors who would have to accompany them with their belongings.
Vi Coactus), notifying thereby that he only yielded to force.
So the prince lost his case on the last appeal and the beginning of de Barral's end became manifest to the public in the shape of a half-sheet of note paper wafered by the four corners on the closed door of The Orb offices notifying that payment was stopped at that establishment.
Five or six small boys, with pea-shooters, and the cornopean player, got up behind; in front the big boys, mostly smoking, not for pleasure, but because they are now gentlemen at large, and this is the most correct public method of notifying the fact.
When the kind creature was going away for good and all, the landlady reproached herself bitterly for ever having used a rough expression to her--how she wept, as they stuck up with wafers on the window, a paper notifying that the little rooms so long occupied were to let
Then she went back to her hotel to write a letter home, notifying her mother of her plans.
Giving this information in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Minister of Corporate Affairs, Shri Sachin Pilot, said that the rest of the provisions, including section 455 of the Companies Act, 2013 dealing with dormant company is yet to be notified as it prescribes Rules also to be notified while notifying the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.
The database allows searching by a few different variables: country, directive, body and notifying or designating authority.
We will be notifying your country's consular officials as soon as possible.
Medical officers of health are notifying GPs of the increase and urging parents and guardians to get their children immunised.