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Known widely and usually unfavorably: a notorious pirate; a region notorious for floods.

[From Medieval Latin nōtōrius, well-known, from Latin nōtus, known, past participle of nōscere, to get to know; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]

no·to′ri·ous·ly adv.
no·to′ri·ous·ness n.
Usage Note: Although notorious and notoriety have been used in negative, positive, and neutral contexts since the 1500s, over the years, notorious (and to a lesser extent notoriety) has come to be used primarily in negative contexts, often with a connotation of wickedness or undesirability. In our 2011 survey, 81 percent of the Usage Panel accepted the sentence The region is notorious for its seismic disturbances, whereas only 26 percent accepted a sentence that used notorious in a situation where the circumstances for fame are positive: She is notorious for her excellent standup comedy routines. The Panel is somewhat more willing to accept notoriety in a positive context: almost half (45 percent) approved of the sentence His success on college campuses brought him enough notoriety to release a greatest hits CD.
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Unfavorable, usually unsavory renown:
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If the turnover in the hospital is generally negligible compared with that of the public (or "city"), its main advantage is not to bring any margin; but it actually exists at two levels: to influence the public market through the impact of a given product's notoriousness, and to obtain the renewal of hospital treatment by the "town" doctor when his patient leaves the hospital.
Since the first industrial decommissioning processes in late 1970s, Turin has tried both to move from a production-based to a consumption-based economy and develop a renewed brand image far from its industrial notoriousness as "automotive capital".
The decreasing trend which we determined are in totally correspondence with the present global financial crises, but, because the options are derivatives in direct connection whit risk management, the calculated forecast are explained by the low notoriousness of the instrument by the potential Romanian investors