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n. pl. no·ta (-tə)
The dorsal part of a thoracic segment of an insect.

[New Latin nōtum, from Greek nōton, back.]


n, pl -ta (-tə)
(Zoology) a cuticular plate covering the dorsal surface of a thoracic segment of an insect
[C19: New Latin, from Greek nōton back]
ˈnotal adj


(ˈnoʊ təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
a dorsal plate of the thorax of an insect.
[1875–80; < New Latin < Greek nôton the back]
no′tal, adj.
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Targeting of the inhibitor enzyme Notum may provide a new way to increase the therapeutic window and to promote recovery in societies with the aging population.
Researchers believe that in addition to direct targeting of Notum, lifestyle factors such as diet may also provide means to reduce Notum, and thus improve tissue renewal and repair.
A clue to the solution came from Petersen's previous research that identified the secreted protein Notum as a component of a tissue organizer needed for head regeneration in planarians.